Sustainable Campus Life

by:David Sia

About Author: David Sia works for as a journalist. He graduated from University of West Los Angeles in Inglewood and holds master’s degree in Law.

Inglewood is an example of a multicultural town, reflecting the world in its expansive diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and ideas. I am really proud that I used to study here. I had a lot of exciting moments and loved this place a long time ago. It was not really simple for me to adapt when I was a first year international student. My philosophy is totally opposite from my roommate, thus we have many contradictions from the beginning. California offers many of the wonderful activities that are traditionally associated with student life, thus I have decided not to waste my time and concentrate on studying and self-improvement. Living at Inglewood brings surprises and new experiences every day, in an extraordinary community of creative and accomplished people from around the world. I have rented a cycle, because biking is a popular way to get around campus. I support Green Campus Living.

Each year on April 22, Earth Day, the world sets out to show support for environmental concerns and clean living through a global effort of civic engagement and public works. Originally started in 1970 as a proposed day to honor a healthy, sustainable environment with rallies and gatherings from coast to coast, Earth Day today spans the entire globe and reaches more than one billion people each year. I want to share with you with my experience on how to keep your spirit raised and achieve your aims. I have marked 8 major tips which helped me to achieve my goals and successfully get a master’s degree in law.

  • Use stairs. For those of us who are health conscious, taking the stairs helps respiratory function and can burn 10 calories each minute. Thus, whether or not you are trying to build chiseled calves, practice some civil disobedience and use the stairs. Also, you may encourage your friends to take the stairs with you.
  • Use healthy things to clean your room. Think about going green when you clean your room and make your apartment shine! Always check what’s in your typical cleaning supplies! You may be taking some health and environmental risks each time you tidy up. Some chemicals like phosphate contaminate water that flows into local streams and threatens wildlife. Most detergents contain petroleum-based surfactants, further supporting our dependence on oil. You should avoid such destroying products.
  • Use a bicycle to get around the Campus. Biking is an inexpensive and popular way to get around quickly. Public Safety provides security and emergency services 24 hours a day. Rent a bike and feel yourself happy and full of energy.

  • Set goals. Every day before going to sleep you must write a short plan what are you going to do tomorrow and what results you may get from your successful actions. Use your time wisely. Do your best to concentrate on what you really need and want.
  • Try out for a sport or join university sport team. I used to play in soccer team in my university. I have loved soccer since my childhood and supported Bayern Munich. Also, I visited Champions league final match in 2013 when Bayern beat Borussia Dortmund and became the best soccer team in Europe. I was really excited/happy, and even cried.


  • Join a sustainability club: When you have started your journey of being good to the environment it’s hard to stop! By joining or creating a sustainability club on campus you can encourage other students to work towards being more “green”, while doing fun events such as campus cleanups or hosting Farmer’s Markets to bring fresh produce to campus.
  • Take shorter showers: A typical shower uses 2.5 gallons of water a minute! You may significantly reduce the amount of water you use when you are taking the shower by shortening it to five seven minutes or even less. It will save energy if you turn off the water during the time you lather up, and then rinse off quickly.
  • Eat healthy and proper food. Eat locally grown foods. Locally produced food is transported shorter distances, uses less fuel and pollutes less. Plus, you’re helping the local economy and local businesses at the same time.

P.S. Always take care of yourself and the environment, develop self-confidence, believe in yourself, think critically and your dreams will come true.

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