Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is a body of students, alumni, professionals, and leaders who give developmental, fiscal support, and provide long-term continuity to CSSC.

Lauren Jabusch, Board Chair, Governance Committee Chair

As the Chair of the Board of Advisors, I manage staff, organize Board meetings, and mold the long-term vision for the organization. As the Chair of the Governance Committee, I guide CSSCers to write governing documents to reflect the organization we are and what we would like to become. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Biological Systems Engineering at UC Davis. I research next generation biofuels, specifically microalgae fuels as a Carbon Neutrality Research Fellow for UC Davis. From 2013-2015, I was a NSF RESOURCE fellow ( where I taught science curriculum with a focus on renewable energy to Sacramento-area 6th graders. I now serve as a graduate mentor for the Sacramento Area Elementary MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) program. I was honored to receive the UC President’s Award for Outstanding Student Leadership for my work with CSSC and the Carbon Neutrality Initiative in 2016.

SCHOOL: UC Davis, BS 2011, MS 2016, Ph.D. Candidate expected graduation 2018

PAST ROLES: UC Davis Council Member (2008-2010), UC Davis TGIF campaign team (2009), ELSP statewide (2010) and UC Davis campus organizer (2008-2011), UC Davis Convergence Coordinator Spring 2011, Co-Chair of the Operating Team (2010-2011).

HOMETOWN: Newcastle, CA



Julia Clark, Board Vice Chair, Governance Committee

As an undergrad, I lead in the design and build of a student-operated community garden, planned and hosted a student sustainability convergence, and co-directed a student-run sustainable living demonstration house. As a spatial science professional I’ve worked on research projects analyzing habitat suitability modeling of crops and climate change, the impacts of biofuel crop expansion on water resources and poverty, and the relationships between historic redlining, poverty, and housing discrimination in California.

I currently live behind the redwood curtain on the Humboldt County coast.  I’m paid to create cartographic maps, conduct spatial analysis, and manage spatial data. To repay the world, I serve on the steering committee for a student-run sustainable living demonstration house, volunteer on an organic intensive-rotational-grazing farm, and donate my spatial science skills to social justice projects.

SCHOOL: Glendale Community College, 2007-2012; Humboldt State University, 2012-2015

MAJOR: B.S. Environmental and Spatial Sciences

OCCUPATION: Spatial Consultant / GIS Analyst
HOMETOWN: Tujunga, Los Angeles, CA
PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Council Representative for Glendale Community College (Spring 2011 – Spring 2012), Note Taker on the Operating Team (Spring 2012), Council Co-Chair (Fall 2012 – Fall 2013), Convergence Coordinator (Fall 2013)
COMMITTEE/S: Governance Committee


Kyle Fischler, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Headshot CroppedAs CSSC’s Treasurer, I ensure that our organizational budgeting process reflects the goals, priorities, and vision of CSSC through the development and maintenance of our financial management systems. I work closely with the Development Director to maintain and create reports on CSSC’s assets for our organization and fiscal sponsors.

Society’s interaction with our environment has always fascinated me and working with CSSC allows me to affect change within and beyond California’s borders.  Effectively communicating environmental policies, science, and ideas to the general public is a challenge I enjoy tackling in hopes to create a more sustainable relationship between human-kind and the Earth.

SCHOOL: UC Santa Barbara, 2013

MAJOR: B.A. in Environmental Studies and Communication

OCCUPATION: Guide, Santa Barbara Adventure Company and Head Lifeguard, UCSB Aquatics Program

HOMETOWN: Camarillo, CA



Jaime Gonzalez, Programs Committee Chair

10264676_986920517988007_1707942974131558582_n (1)
As a passionate student activist for environmental and social justice I hope to channel my skills and my fervor for organizational development into elevating CSSC to new heights. As a member of programs committee I help support and administer the projects and programs incubated by our Development Committee.

I also regularly agitate on my campus and in my community with groups like CRC Students for a Sustainable Future, 350Sacramento, and the #CrunchNestleAlliance. I have plans to transfer to UC Davis as a Community and Regional Development student in Fall of 2017.

SCHOOL: Cosumnes River College, Grad date: 2019

PAST ROLES: Cosumnes River College Chapter Council Representative (2014-15). .

HOMETOWN: Sacramento, CA



Will Carlon

I am an environmental attorney practicing in Northern California. My primary area of practice focuses on storm water issues arising under the Clean Water Act. I am committed to protecting human health and the environment by preventing the pollution and degradation of our nation’s water.

At the University of Oregon, I was heavily involved with Land Air Water, a student group focused on public interest environmental law. As one of the conference co-directors for the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC), I helped organize dozens of volunteers and hundreds of panelists in order to host thousands of attendees, including students, activists, attorneys, scientists, and concerned citizens. One of the goals of PIELC is to promote an exchange and advancement of ideas in order to address the most pressing environmental issues of our time. I am committed to continuing that exchange and advancement in my role as a board member of CSSC.

SCHOOL: B.A. UC Davis 2010; J.D. University of Oregon School of Law 2015




Jessian Choy

By day, I co-create laws and contracts at San Francisco Department of Environment for less-toxic, green products. I also make kits for Green Cities California to help anyone create policies and programs.

By night, I share fun and draconian tips and policies for an equitable, happy, healthy and green world. And I lead behavior change, negotiation and public speaking workshops to help your ideas thrive.

In 2001, few colleges had permanently funded campus greening student groups. So I co-led efforts to start an organization that resulted in UC Santa Cruz students voting for administrators to reduce climate change, and an annual green strategic planning summit with 55 students, faculty and administrators.

SCHOOL: UC Santa Cruz, B.A. in Legal Studies



Tessa Balboni, Board Secretary

On my college campus I was very active in the environmental community.  During my junior year I was the co-chair for the Environmental Affairs Board, the largest environmental group on campus. I supported twenty motivated officers on their environmental campaigns around the campus, which included hosting a CSSC convergence. As a student representative, I attended the Forward on Climate Change rally in Washington, DC which I found deeply motivating.  The following year I was an intern in the sustainability office and co-chair of a campus group aiming to ban single use plastics on campus.
Since graduating I have pursued a career in wildlife biology. I have worked for US Fish and Wildlife with the California Condor Recovery Program, conducted small mammal trapping and vegetation surveys to see the effects of grazing on wildlands, studied endangered Southern California Steelhead, and banded birds in Southern California to track their populations during this drought. Currently, I am employed by an environmental consulting firm as their staff scientist. I trust that my experiences in wildlife conservation and environmental activism will benefit CSSC and the students for which this coalition supports.

SCHOOL: UC Santa Barbara, 2014

HOMETOWN: Santa Cruz, CA



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    I love the idea behind The Green Initiative Fund and I think its amazing to have students lead and empower other students in regards to the Economy, Ethics, and the Environment.

    Let’s create a more sustainable atmosphere on campus’ and make a difference together.


  2. Hi, Quentin,

    I love what you guys are doing. I grew up in San Jose and currently attending Georgia Tech.

    I’ve started a small experimental project, along the line of sustainability in actions. It is to promote FreeCycle movement on college campuses. This is a pretty low profile project, but could have major global impact if done right. We are talking about $B/year natural resource saved, and god how many tons of CO2 not emitted into the air, plus all those air, land and water pollutions prevented.

    I started with 4 schools in GA, and like to invite more schools to join. CA is certainly at the top of my list.

    I’m wondering if my little project fit well with what you are doing. If you also find it a fit, please help me to spread the words out among CA schools.


    Amanda Hui

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