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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a body of alumni, professionals, and leaders who give developmental and fiscal support to CSSC.

Quentin Gee, ChairQuentin Gee

As Chair of the Board of Directors, I work with the vice chair to organize weekly calls, serve as a key contact for major CSSC issues, and help with fundraising for the organization.

PAST ROLES: Convergence Coordinator, UCSB, Spring 2008 Convergence, Council Member, UC Santa Barbara (2007-2009)

SCHOOL: UC Santa Barbara, 2010

MAJOR: PhD in Philosophy 

OTHER OCCUPATIONS: Graduate Student 

HOMETOWN: Bakersfield, CA

Zen Trenholm HeadshotZen Trenholm, Development Chair & Treasurer

I serve as the Treasurer and Development Chair where I oversee our organization’s finances, legal responsibilities, and development efforts.

I also serve as the Northern California student board member of the Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive and was previously a board member with the Berkeley Student Food Collective and a co-founder of the UC Berkeley Student Environmental Resource Center.

I am proud to work with an amazing community of dedicated, intelligent, and passionate students in tackling some of our planet’s most pressing challenges.

SCHOOL: B.S. UC Berkeley, 2013

PAST ROLES: City College of San Francisco Council Member, Council-Elect Board Member and Chapter President

MAJOR: Conservation and Resource Studies: Cooperative Business Development 

HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA

TO SCHEDULE A MEETING: https://zenryo.youcanbook.me/

CONTACT: zen@sustainabilitycoalition.org


Sam Gross, Fundraising & Public Relations sam_gross

I am focusing my studies on the planning and engineering of efficient, equitable, and accessible public transportation. I am also focusing on bicycle mass transit integration and the last mile concept.

I plan on returning to San Francisco to improve the infrastructure of the region and to improve the quality of life in our communities.

I am dedicated to improving our higher education system, which is why I sit on the Board of Directors for the California Student Sustainability Coalition. By providing students and administrators with an understanding of the 3 E’s of Sustainability: Equity, Ecology, and Economy, we can improve the education system. The goal of this is to improve the lives and communities of current and future generations.


B.S. Environmental Management, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 2011.

Master of City & Regional Planning and Master of Science in Engineering Candidate at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Emphasis in Transportation
Expected graduation June 2015

PAST ROLES: Cal Poly Council Rep, Power Shift Trainer

HOMETOWN: Greenbrae, California

Contact: sam@sustainabilitycoalition.org


Yu-kai Chou, Technology & Social Media

I’m currently a board member of the CSSC, supporting the organization’s oveBlog-Pic1rall direction with my background and knowledge in technology, social

media, and fundraising.

SCHOOL: UC Los Angeles, 2007

MAJOR: International Economics

PAST ROLES: CSSC Finance Chair, CSSC Board of Advisor

OCCUPATION: Tech Entrepreneur, Speaker/Lecturer on What is Gamification.

HOMETOWN: Fremont, California



Eric Recchia, Student Board Membereric_recchia

I support the CSSC through fundraising and organizational development.

PAST ROLES: Move to Amend Co-Coordinator, Council Representative

SCHOOL: Humboldt State University, 2013

MAJOR: Sustainable Development & Economics

OTHER OCCUPATIONS:Campus Center for Appropriate Technology




Lauren Jabusch, GovernanceScreen shot 2013-09-27 at 2.13.52 PM

I serve as the Vice Chair and on the Governance Committee where we mold our governing documents to reflect the organization we are and what we would like to become. I am currently pursuing my PhD and MS in Biological Systems Engineering at UC Davis. I research next generation biofuels, specifically microalgae fuels. I am a NSF RESOURCE fellow (http://gk-12-resource.ucdavis.edu/) where I teach science curriculum with a focus on renewable energy to 6th graders. 

SCHOOL: UC Davis, 2011

PAST ROLES: Council Member (2008-2010), TGIF campaign team (2009), ELSP statewide (2010) and campus organizer (2008-2011), Convergence Coordinator Spring 2011, Co-Chair of the Operating Team (2010-2011).

HOMETOWN: Newcastle, CA

CONTACT: lauren@sustainabilitycoalition.org


David Shaw, ProgramsDave-Shaw-Portrait-Square

I support organizational learning and evolution through my role as a member of the Board of Directors. I believe a better world is possible, and that through finding common ground and taking shared practical action we may create a thriving, just, and sustainable future that works for all life. The students of the California Student Sustainability Coalition are at the leading edge of this great turning toward justice and sustainability, a generation united and awake to the urgent need for transforming our society and our relationships with the more than human world. I will do all that I can to support their activism, learning, and the development of life long friendships.

SCHOOL: B.A. Community Studies, UC Santa Cruz, 2004. M.S. EcoSocial Design, Gaia University, 2008. 


Faculty and Co-Founder of the Common Ground Center, UC Santa Cruz

Permaculture Design Instructor, Regenerative Design Institute


HOMETOWN: Santa Cruz, CA

CONTACT: daveshawlistens [at] gmail [dot] com


Andrea Sanchez, Programs432284_10150660753629438_1265980031_n

SCHOOL: B.A. San Francisco State University, 2010

MAJOR: International Relations: Environmental Emphasis, Holistic Health Minor

OCCUPATION: Coal Program Associate, Energy Foundation

HOMETOWN: Woodland Hills, CA

CONTACT: andrea@sustainabilitycoalition.org

As a new member of the Programs Committee, I will be working on strategy and implementation of the Fracking Campaign across California. I look forward to working with a team of dedicated and enthusiastic students to keep our state healthy and beautiful. For the last several years, I have dedicated myself to working on the Beyond Coal Campaign with the Sierra Club, engaging in local, organic food issues, and spreading knowledge about sustainability wherever I can.


Kyle Fischler, Treasurer

Headshot CroppedAs CSSC’s Treasurer, I ensure that our organizational budgeting process reflects the goals, priorities, and vision of CSSC through the development and maintenance of our financial management systems. I work closely with the Development Director to maintain and create reports on CSSC’s assets for our organization and fiscal sponsors.

Society’s interaction with our environment has always fascinated me and working with CSSC allows me to affect change within and beyond California’s borders.  Effectively communicating environmental policies, science, and ideas to the general public is a challenge I enjoy tackling in hopes to create a more-sustainable relationship between human-kind and the Earth.

SCHOOL: UC Santa Barbara, 2013

MAJOR: B.A. in Environmental Studies and Communication

OCCUPATION: Guide, Santa Barbara Adventure Company and Head Lifeguard, UCSB Aquatics Program

HOMETOWN: Camarillo, CA

CONTACT: kyle@sustainabilitycoalition.org