Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a body of students, alumni, professionals, and leaders who give developmental, fiscal support, and provide long-term continuity to CSSC.

Lauren Jabusch, Board Chair, Governance Committee Chair

As the Chair of the Board of Directors, I manage staff, organize Board meetings, and mold the long-term vision for the organization. As the Chair of the Governance Committee, I guide CSSCers to write governing documents to reflect the organization we are and what we would like to become. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Biological Systems Engineering at UC Davis. I research next generation biofuels, specifically microalgae fuels. From 2013-2015, I was a NSF RESOURCE fellow ( where I taught science curriculum with a focus on renewable energy to Sacramento-area 6th graders. I now serve as the program mentor. I currently help coordinate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for Girls at UC Davis, serve on the steering committee for Empowering Women in STEM (EWIS) at UC Davis, and serve in UC Davis’s Diversity & Inclusion Workgroup, focusing on the K-12 Pipeline. I am also a Carbon Neutrality Fellow for UCOP where I help to codify the best practices in student engagement for all UCs and coordinate the efforts of engagement fellows at the 10 UC campuses.

SCHOOL: UC Davis, BS 2011, MS 2016, and presently for Ph.D.

PAST ROLES: UC Davis Council Member (2008-2010), UC Davis TGIF campaign team (2009), ELSP statewide (2010) and UC Davis campus organizer (2008-2011), UC Davis Convergence Coordinator Spring 2011, Co-Chair of the Operating Team (2010-2011).

HOMETOWN: Newcastle, CA



Kyle Fischler, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Headshot CroppedAs CSSC’s Treasurer, I ensure that our organizational budgeting process reflects the goals, priorities, and vision of CSSC through the development and maintenance of our financial management systems. I work closely with the Development Director to maintain and create reports on CSSC’s assets for our organization and fiscal sponsors.

Society’s interaction with our environment has always fascinated me and working with CSSC allows me to affect change within and beyond California’s borders.  Effectively communicating environmental policies, science, and ideas to the general public is a challenge I enjoy tackling in hopes to create a more sustainable relationship between human-kind and the Earth.

SCHOOL: UC Santa Barbara, 2013

MAJOR: B.A. in Environmental Studies and Communication

OCCUPATION: Guide, Santa Barbara Adventure Company and Head Lifeguard, UCSB Aquatics Program

HOMETOWN: Camarillo, CA



Rajiv Narayan

 Rajiv Narayan HeadshotI aim to support the work of the CSSC from my background in media/communications, public engagement, and policy. Though my experience is largely in public health, I am interested in bridging issue and actor networks across disciplines, publics, and organizational spaces. To that end, I completed a graduate degree in Medical Anthropology at the University of Oxford in 2014 and a self-designed, interdisciplinary major of economics, philosophy, and anthropology at UC Davis in 2012.

SCHOOL: University of Oxford (2014); University of California-Davis (2012)

MAJOR: MSc. Medical Anthropology, BA Critical Economics

Contributing Curator, Upworthy
Associate, Close Concerns Inc.
Research Assistant, Social Policy Research Associates
Senior Fellow for Health Policy, Roosevelt Institute Campus Network
Individual Behavior Coordinator, Campus Center for the Environment
HOMETOWN: Union City, CA



Corie Radka

Corie Radka is the campus organizer at UC Berkeley for the California Public Interest Research Group, a student directed non-profit. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she received a BA in Zoology and Environmental Science.
After graduation, Corie co-authored a research paper, “Effect of Localizing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Nutrition”, which was published in Environmental Science and Technology. This launched her career into education and organizing work where she began specializing in the intersectionality of powerful special interests, environmental crisis, institutional racism, and health. Corie has worked all along the west coast from Alaska to Orange County and now she is teaching a class about community organizing and managing 4 campaigns ranging from the CA drought to getting big money out of politics.

SCHOOL: UC Santa Barbara, BS 2010 Environmental Science and Zoology

PAST ROLES: UC Santa Barbara Council Member (2009-2010), UC Santa Barbara EAB External Affairs (2008-2010), UCSB Convergence Coordinator Fall 2010, Co-Chair of the Operating Team (2010-2011) .

HOMETOWN: Westminster, CA



David Shugar, Development Committee Chair

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 7.46.24 PM
David graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a major in Applied Physics and his thesis research focused on renewable energy. At UCSC, David was active in the Education for Sustainable Living Program, serving as an organizer for two years and facilitating a student led section on the topic: Coalition Building for a Sustainable Future. David also worked in the UCSC Sustainability Office and was the student coordinator for the Provost Sustainability Internship Program. David was also President of the Brain, Mind and Consciousness Society, which hosted the conference GROW: Global Roots of Wellness; focusing on the intersection of cognitive science and sustainability. Outside of UCSC, David has had multiple jobs within the solar industry and has volunteered with the Sierra Club. Currently, David is an Energy Program Associate at As You Sow, focusing on socially responsible investing, shareholder advocacy and supporting the fossil fuel divestment movement.

SCHOOL: UCSC, Spring 2014

PAST ROLES: Served as the Council Rep for UC Santa Cruz (Fall 2012 – Summer 2013) and the Council Co-Chair (Summer 2013 – Summer 2014). Also began the UCSC Fossil Free chapter and was involved with the UC Fossil Free Campaign (Spring 2013 – Summer 2014). Was also local coordinator for PowerShift Convergence outreach (Fall 2013). .



Jaime Gonzalez, Programs Committee Chair

10264676_986920517988007_1707942974131558582_n (1)
As a passionate student activist for environmental and social justice I hope to channel my skills and my fervor for organizational development into elevating CSSC to new heights. As a member of programs committee I help support and administer the projects and programs incubated by our Development Committee.

I also regularly agitate on my campus and in my community with groups like CRC Students for a Sustainable Future, 350Sacramento, and the #CrunchNestleAlliance. I have plans to transfer to UC Davis as a Community and Regional Development student in Fall of 2017.

SCHOOL: Cosumnes River College, Grad date: 2019

PAST ROLES: Cosumnes River College Chapter Council Representative (2014-15). .

HOMETOWN: Sacramento, CA


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  1. Hi, Quentin,

    I love what you guys are doing. I grew up in San Jose and currently attending Georgia Tech.

    I’ve started a small experimental project, along the line of sustainability in actions. It is to promote FreeCycle movement on college campuses. This is a pretty low profile project, but could have major global impact if done right. We are talking about $B/year natural resource saved, and god how many tons of CO2 not emitted into the air, plus all those air, land and water pollutions prevented.

    I started with 4 schools in GA, and like to invite more schools to join. CA is certainly at the top of my list.

    I’m wondering if my little project fit well with what you are doing. If you also find it a fit, please help me to spread the words out among CA schools.


    Amanda Hui

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