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Anyone (not just students) can sign up as a member and then join these committees:

Brand & Web Content Strategy

Branding can bring in the bucks!  

Are you unable to withhold your excitement for behavior change classes and books?  

Do you get a little too excited about user experience? All you have to do is show our draft content (image, email, webpage, presentation, print, press release, fundraising thank you letters) to someone who doesn’t know us.  Then ask them to say aloud what they really think of it.

Can you be a detail-oriented, friendly stickler that’s comfortable sending our Board of Advisors, staff and volunteers reminders to stick to our brand guide?  

Do you know how to fix custom cascading style sheets (CSS) in content management system (CMS) templates, have deep knowledge of managing WordPress plug-ins, or have you been a webhost admin?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, email info@sustainabilitycoalition.org with:

  • “Brand & Web Content Strategy Committee” in the Subject Line
  • Your resume, portfolio, and phone number
  • Dates and times you’re free for a call (ideally weekdays 8:30-9am or 8:30-9pm, Saturdays 3-6pm, Sundays 11-8pm) 
  • Hours a month you might be free


Would you like to help raise and manage funds to advance our work?  Our committee helps manage our accounts and develops methods of financial management and fundraising.

Email info@sustainabilitycoalition.org with “Finance Committee” in the Subject Line.  


Do you like to discuss how organizations interact internally? Our committee is the place for budding law-makers and systems-thinkers to deepen their understanding of social collaboration and organization.

Email cssc-governance@googlegroups.com with “Governance Committee” in the Subject Line.

Campaign Committee

The campaign committee is an avenue for campaign communication and organization. Members can help plan committee strategy, research relevant policies, organize events, and rally activists across the state for an active CSSC campaign. The 2018-2019 campaign committee will organize and plan CSSC’s latest initiative to mobilize Green New Deal efforts on California’s College Campuses.

Members interested in joining the Campaign Committee should contact navpreet@sustainabilitycoalition.org