The Council is the representative body made up of one to two students from different campuses across the state of California. The Council currently consists of about 40 students from over 20 different campuses.


 The CSSC Council of Representatives is the driving force of the organization, and there is a constant stream of fresh ideas and faces.

The Council is the representative body of the coalition responsible for setting and implementing projects, programs and campaigns on their campuses. They are the primary statewide communication hub that functions throughout the year, and act as the main connection between each campus and CSSC.

The Council is the space for campus representatives to check in regularly, share updates of their work, and discuss relevant issues.  The Council is also responsible for evaluating and evolving the CSSC Charter and its own internal protocol documents.

    • What are the responsibilities of a Council Representative?
  • How does my campus join the Council?
    • First, you need to start a campus chapter!
    • Check out THIS PAGE for more information.


 Frequently Asked Questions

How does my campus join the Council?

Any campus can join our network! Please e-mail to reach the Council co-chairs and set up a time to chat!

What does it take to be a Campus Chapter?

Each campus chapter must be actively engaged with the CSSC by attending conference calls twice a month, attending the leadership retreats, performing outreach in your region and engaging with CSSC projects on-campus.

What does a Council rep have to do?

Please check out the Roles & Responsibilities of Council Members.

Campus Chapters

Check out what’s going on at our active campus chapters, and be sure to reach out for information on their programs or to attend their events


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  2. I have a friend at Santa Monica College who’s interested. Assuming SMC is an active chapter, how can he connect with them? If it’s not an active chapter, how can he connect into going to a convergence?

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