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  • Founded by students running a Greenpeace University of California (UC) Go Solar campaign. It resulted in UC’s commitment to solar energy, which we helped expand to the UC Policy on Sustainable Practices. This policy was arguably the most-comprehensive policy of its kind.  It has affected billions of dollars spent in the UC system.
  • Launched the Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) at most UC campuses.  



  • Helped launch The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF), which raised more than $1 million per year statewide for student-led sustainability projects.   


  • Worked with a national network to launch the Real Food Challenge (RFC) on 300+ campuses nation-wide to shift $1 billion universities spend to buy from unsustainable industrial farms and junk food  towards local, fair, healthy, less-polluting and humane food.  Our ESLP student leaders created the Real Food Calculator which allows campuses to track how much real food they buy.
  • Launched Convergences and convened hundreds of students and allies for interactive workshops.  
  • Partnered with Energy Action Coalition (now called Powershift) for the Campus Climate Challenge campaign.


  • Began the Coal Divestment campaign with Powershift. 


  • Expanded our focus to address all fossil fuels.  Became a hub to get California colleges to divest through our Fossil Free Colleges (FFC) campaign.