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The CSSC Operating Team consists of staff, interns, and volunteers who fill roles that maintain the regular operations, events, and projects of CSSC. Our operating team primarily consists of recent alumni and current students from various California universities.


Silver Hannon, Fossil Free Campaign Director

Silver works with fossil fuel divestment campaigns across California in addition to specific coordination duties with the Fossil Free UC campaign. Her passion is to support strong campaigns and develop student leaders dedicated to long-haul organizing around climate justice and social justice issues. During her time as a student at UC Berkeley, Silver was involved in many facets of the Fossil Free Cal campaign. The very tangible change-making power divestment holds and the commitment to solidarity with both environmental and social justice causes it is grounded in makes her work both invigorating and deeply meaningful.

SCHOOL: B.A. University of California, Berkeley, 2014
PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Fossil Free UC Intern Spring 2014
MAJOR: English

Daniel Adel, Online Communications Coordinator

For Daniel, a San Francisco Bay Area local, social and environmental advocacy is deeply personal. He has a strong sense of place shaped by his region’s majestic setting before California’s interior waterways and the vast Pacific Ocean. Raised in a working class, immigrant Bengali family, he developed a checkered identity and a knack to challenge dominant narratives of our world and society at an early age. His thirst for equity and justice came of age when he entered higher education and was introduced to its inspiring communities of organizers, their tireless work, and of others around the greater Bay Area. An advocate of many trades, he campaigned for fossil fuel divestment in the halls of San Francisco State University, and has marched to bring awareness to climate and environmental justice issues in his ancestral South Asia, and along the refinery corridor of the Northeast San Francisco Bay, where he and his hometown of Benicia, CA reside. A storyteller at heart, he has written for the publication Earth Island Journal, and has performed writing, communications, and social media outreach roles for Sacred Fire Foundation, Turtle Island Restoration Network, Bioneers, and Save The Bay. Daniel brings his passion to CSSC as their Online Communications Coordinator.

SCHOOL: B.A. San Francisco State University, 2014
PAST ROLES IN CSSC: 2014 Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence Organizer
MAJOR: Environmental Studies |Emphasis in Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice|

CSSC Writing Program

Josh Cozine, CSSC Journalist

My name is Josh Cozine and I’ve been in school for way too long.

I’ve pretty much lived in Northern CA all my life. Growing up, I always wavered between wanting to be a teacher or a scientist. I’ve been to four different colleges now and changed majors three  different times, but it’s always had to do with one or the other. In the latter of my way too many years of college, while studying biology, I discovered sustainability as a course of study and have been hooked ever since. A lot of the reason I got into biology was my appreciation of ecology and the conservation of endangered species. Since studying sustainability, I’ve found myself more interested in the conservation of all things, but especially of the earth as a whole, functioning, system. While spending too many years in college, I’ve also learned to appreciate the impact to which well thought out, well researched, pieces of writing can affect people. It’s one thing to know the issues regarding sustainability as they stand these days, and it’s another to be able to effectively communicate these issues to others who may not know as much, or may hold contrasting views. I hope that here with the CSSC I might be able to do exactly that: share the issues and obstacles of sustainability, and hopefully solutions as well. Be they large engineering projects to bring electric vehicles to more people, or as small as tips to conserving water but still being able to grow a productive home garden.

So there’s just a bit of my past, here’s to the future!


Dylan Ruan, CSSC Journalist/Editor

The only thing I love more than reading a good story is writing one myself. As a science communicator, my goal is to break down complex information and distill it into relevant and useful content for my readers.

At UC Santa Barbara, I pursued degrees in environmental studies and communication to discover better ways of communicating environmental issues to the public. Over the course of my career as a science and environmental communicator, I learned that engaging the public in issues of sustainability is not just incredibly challenging, but also deeply rewarding.

I believe that using storytelling to spread applicable scientific knowledge is the best way that we can equip society to address the needs of our planet. The goal of my writing is to assist others to learn, grow, and be inspired by the stories I cover.



Drew Story, CSSC Journalist


Drew is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Chemical & Environmental Engineering at UC Riverside and is studying the aggregation and deposition mechanisms of engineered nanomaterials.

As the Public Relations Officer for the UCR Graduate Student Association, Drew has worked to institutionalize sustainability in the graduate student experience on campus.

Drew is passionate about the inclusion of science in the state and federal level policy-making process, and intends to use his scientific training to participate in the sustainable management of natural resources in the face of climate change.

Drew is the Editor in Chief of a science communication resource focused on southern California’s Salton Sea, and currently serves on multiple advisory committees under the California Natural Resources Agency regarding the Salton Sea Management Program.

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