Divestment Convergence

Operating Team

The CSSC Operating Team is a body of students from across California who voluntarily fill roles that maintain the regular operations, events, and projects of CSSC.

Kevin Killion, Op Team Chair


I was born and raised in the fertile soil of Chico Ca. I am passionate about incorporating a spirit of purpose, fun, and meaning into the serious work of Social and Climate Justice. I appreciate using art, collaboration and funky music to bring people together around common ideas. I hope to serve my state and planet by strengthening the network of sustainability minded individuals on campus to create the team that can push for and win strategic campaigns. My focus is supplying the resources and supervision to ensure the Operating Team has the resources they need in order to win the change we need.


MAJOR: Environmental Studies

PAST ROLES IN CSSC:  Council Representative, Happiness Coordinator, Convergence Coordinator



David Shugar, Council Co-Chair


As Council Co-Chair, I help connect representatives across the state to CSSC. I got involved with CSSC through the student-led course, Education for Sustainable Living Program, and am currently involved with the UCSC Sustainability Office and environmental activism in general. As an Applied Physics Major my focus is renewable energy and sustainable engineering. I am also the president of the student-led organization called Brain, Mind Consciousness Society, which has created an accredited 5-unit course exploring the philosophy of science and practices to benefit society as well as hosted a 6-day conference in spring 2013 exploring the intersection of cognitive science and sustainability.

SCHOOL: UC Santa Cruz, 2013

MAJOR: Applied Physics

PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Council Representative



 Alyssa Lee, Council Co-Chair


cssc bio photo - alyssa lee

Alyssa started her journey into sustainability in her freshman year, focusing on reducing her plastic consumption and becoming more “DIY” (she also made a few recycled art pieces along the way!). She only began to have a vetted interest in sustainable food after attending the CSSC Spring 2011 Convergence at UC Davis (shout-out!). In Summer 2011, she helped found The Student Food Collective at UCLA, a group aimed at starting a student-run and owned cooperative grocery that will make healthy and sustainable food affordable and accessible on campus. Since then, she’s attended a few handfuls of conferences related to student organizing, divestment, and cooperatives and gotten increasingly involved with sustainability groups on campus, including starting the Fossil Free divestment campaign at UCLA in Fall 2012.

When she’s not beautifying Google Spreadsheets or making Post-It mosaics of Nyan Cat, you can find her playing alto sax for the UCLA Bruin Marching Band, baking vegan cookies, singing old Korean songs with or without karaoke, or writing to people in haikus. After graduation in June 2014, she hopes to go on to Grad School to study Public Health, Urban Planning, and Nutrition.


MAJOR: Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics

PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Council Representative

HOMETOWN: Modesto, CA 


Kori Lay, Convergence Coordinator




I got involved with CSSC when I attended the Butte convergence in fall 2012. After taking part in the convergence, I was inspired and ready to jump in and find out how I could be more involved in this organization. I went to my first leadership retreat in winter 2013, where I ran for regional events coordinator. When I attended the UC Berkeley convergence in spring 2013, I knew that I wanted to plan a convergence before I graduated. After that, I ran for statewide affairs coordinator for my chapter organization and became the council representative for UCSB. This also put me in the position to apply for convergence coordinator for the spring 2014 convergence! I am so honored and lucky to be involved in CSSC and to work with so many beautiful, caring people :)

SCHOOL: UC Santa Barbara

MAJOR: Chemistry and Environmental Studies

PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Council Representative, Regional Events Coordinator

HOMETOWN: Port Washington, NY

Matt Deuser, Outreach Coordinator

Matt Deuser

I have journeyed to become an open-minded thinker and independent voter. Transitioning into the former, I have grown to understand our national, dysfunctional, embedded myth that postulates as the independent American. Such ongoing knowledge had resolved my citizenship against our Demolicans and Repubocrats duopoly political system. Since, 1993, I have been a member of the CA Green Party. As a centenarian in training, I always reflect and embody myself as a steward for our life force in our world in order to ensure a world to the tenth generation.

SCHOOL: College of the Sequoias

MAJOR: Nutrition, Psychology, and Sociology

PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Council Representative, Note Translator

HOMETOWN: Porterville, CA


Meredith Jacobson, Online Content Manager

734061_4643925771462_1307361759_nI became part of the CSSC after attending the Spring 2011 Convergence at UC Davis – once the bug bit me, I just couldn’t stop coming back. As Online Content Manager,  I work with the media team to find and generate content for the CSSC blog and edit the website. I consider myself a storyteller for the student sustainability movement: I find stories, I tell stories, and I help facilitate the sharing of others’ stories. I am part of Students Against Fracking at UC Berkeley, and am creating a new campus publication of local environmental writing this semester. I’m passionate about writing, environmental education, forestry, and fully experiencing this magnificent earth as much as possible. This is an exciting time to be alive and working toward positive change, and I hope to document it as much as I possibly can!

SCHOOL:  UC Berkeley 2014

MAJOR: Forestry and Natural Resources

PAST ROLES in CSSC:  Online Content Co-Manager

HOMETOWN: Bethesda, Maryland


Patrick Stetz, Newsletter Editor


I first became passionate about CSSC when I found out one of the S’s stood for sustainability… I haven’t looked back since.

SCHOOL: UC Berkeley

MAJOR: Physics






Alfredo Gonzalez, External Convergence Coordinator



I am involved with CSSC because I believe that this organization
provides a blue print for our future. Our focus on a diverse
leadership for sustainability  will see us succeed. Aside outreaching
for the convergence at UCSB this semester, I am working on getting my
school divested from Fossil Fuels and a bike powered music
performance. I care about future generations being able to experience
the same environment as I did.


SCHOOL: Portland State University

MAJOR: Environmental Science

PAST ROLES in CSSC: Notes Translator

HOMETOWN: Cusco, Peru


Chelsea Hernandez, Externa Convergence Coordinator


My involvement with CSSC developed in the Fall of 2012 when I attended my first convergence at Butte College. It was there that I became inspired to create a voice of my own for community advocacy in the subjects of sustainability, education, direct action, and outreach on my campus and community. As I became more educated and aware of the problems our world and people are facing, it became clear that my involvement had to grow. I became part of the group who started a Fossil Free Campaign at Humboldt State after attending the convergence at UC Berkeley. My contribution to CSSC grew when I became the Housing Coordinator for the HSU convergence. I am proud and happy that I get to work with such awesome and beautiful people who share similar and creative differences.I care about the future of our planet and the growing awareness of activism to spread our movement of sustainable: social, political, and economic justice.

SCHOOL: Humboldt State University

MAJOR: Environmental Resource Engineering

PAST ROLES in CSSC: Housing Coordinator for the Fall 2013 Convergence at HSU

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA


Melody Leppard, Social Media Coordinator


Katie Hoffman, Campaign Co-Director


Emily Williams, Campaign Co-Director




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