Operating Team

The CSSC Operating Team consists of staff, interns, and volunteers who fill roles that maintain the regular operations, events, and projects of CSSC. Our operating team primarily consists of recent alumni and current students from various California universities.


Zen Trenholm, Development Director

Zen Trenholm is the Development Director with the California Student Sustainability Coalition.

A graduate of UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Cooperative Business Development, he also serves as a board member with the Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive. He was previously a board member with the Berkeley Student Food Collective, a co-founder of the UC Berkeley Student Environmental Resource Center, and has worked at SkyDeck | Berkeley, UC Berkeley’s startup accelerator program.

He has recently co-founded the Resilience Collaborative, a consultancy and incubator program that cultivates the collective development and growth of business models focused on advancing climate justice and community resilience.

He is proud to work with an amazing community of dedicated, intelligent, and passionate students in tackling some of our planet’s most pressing challenges.

SCHOOL: UC Berkeley Alumni 2013; City College of San Francisco 2011

MAJOR: Conservation and Resource Studies; Co-operative Business Development

 HOMETOWN:San Francisco, CA

Emily Williams. Fossil Free Campaign Director

Emily Williams is a Campaign Director with CSSC, focusing mainly on fossil fuel divestment. She graduated from UCSB in 2013, with a B.S. in Environmental Studies, and concentration in Geographic Information Systems. She wrote her thesis on determining the financial harm UCSB is responsible for vis-a-vis its investments in the coal industry. She attended COP19 in Warsaw, Poland with the Climate Justice Project, a project of the International Institute of Climate Action and Theory (iicat.org/cjp), and is a member of the SustainUS delegation to COP 20 in Lima, Peru.

SCHOOL: B.S. UC Santa Barbara, 2013
PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Council Member, Op Team Member, Campus Campaign Coordinator for Fossil Free.
MAJOR: Environmental Sciences
HOMETOWN: Cupertino, CA
CONTACT: emily@sustainabilitycoalition.org


 Shoshanna Howard, Students Against Fracking Campaign Director


Shoshanna, a University of Colorado at Boulder graduate, has been working in the field of social and climate justice for the last 5 years. Having lived and worked aboard in numerous countries, Shoshanna brings a unique perspective to climate justice that unites action,  passion and “big-picture” vision. In her last position, Shoshanna organized college students across the US and Canada around social justice issues facing Israel/Palestine and has been an organizer for worker and immigrant rights in the Bay Area. She has spent the last year working on anti-fracking and no tar sands in the local area and is seeking to expand the movement by inspiring and empowering student leaders. Shoshanna is also a yoga teacher, mountaineer, and always up for a good laugh.

SCHOOL: University of Colorado Boulder, 2007
PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Consultant, SOP Program.
HOMETOWN: Boulder, Colorado
CONTACT: shoshanna@sustainabilitycoalition.org


 Field Organizers

Jacob Soiffer, Fossil Free UC Field Organizer

Jake is a second-year student at UC Berkeley working with the Fossil Free UC campaign on actions/events, coalition-building, and on-campus engagement. Born in bred in Brooklyn, New York, Jake was radicalized and introduced to social justice organizing by Occupy Wall Street, walking the five blocks down to Zuccotti Park many afternoons as a high school sophomore. He has also worked with Amnesty International, 350.org, and the direct action groups Queer Rising and 99Rise in New York, and is passionate about connecting struggles and engaging in direct action as we work together to build a just future. Jake also writes poetry, plays jazz drums, and needs more road-trips in his life!
SCHOOL: UC Berkeley
PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Intern, Spring 2014
MAJOR: Sociology
HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, New York
CONTACT: jake@sustainabilitycoalition.org

Silver Hannon, Fossil Free UC Field Organizer

Silver, a recent UC Berkeley alumna with a degree in English, began environmental work serendipitously by grabbing a needed unit from a student-run course on the environmental community at Cal. From there, her interests were quickly sparked by the fossil fuel divestment campaign on campus. The very tangible change-making power it holds and the commitment to solidarity with both environmental and social justice causes it is grounded in makes the work exciting and meaningful. She dedicated her remaining time at UC Berkeley to recruitment, team building, actions planning, and communications work on the Fossil Free Cal campaign. Her current position as a Fossil Free UC Field Organizer focuses on media, messaging and campaign narrative coordination, along with recruitment and team-building support for campuses.

SCHOOL: B.A. University of California, Berkeley, 2014
PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Fossil Free UC Intern Spring 2014
MAJOR: English
CONTACT: silver@sustainabilitycoalition.org

Alyssa Lee, Statewide Divestment Field Organizer

Alyssa started her journey into sustainability in her freshman year, focusing on reducing her plastic consumption and “DIY”-ing more (she also made a few recycled art pieces along the way!). After attending the CSSC Spring 2011 Convergence at UC Davis, she dove deep into sustainability on campus and beyond. In Summer 2011, she helped found The Student Food Collective at UCLA, a group aimed at starting a student-run and owned cooperative grocery that will make healthy and sustainable food affordable and accessible on campus. In Fall 2012, she started the Fossil Free UCLA divestment campaign and began her lifelong pledge to fighting for climate justice.

You can often find her beautifying Google Spreadsheets or baking vegan cookies. She hopes to go on to Grad School to study Public Health and advocate for workers’ rights


SCHOOL: UCLA, Class of 2015                                                                                                                                                                                    MAJOR:Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics                                                                                                                                                PAST ROLES IN CSSC : Council Representative for UCLA, Council Co-Chair                                                                                   HOMETOWN: Modesto, CA                                                                                                                                                                                               CONTACT: alyssa@sustainabilitycoalition.org

Arlo Bender-Simon, Students Against Fracking Field Organizer

Almost three years into college, Arlo realized that he was floating along with no direction and little engagement in local efforts/organizations that caught his attention. After attending the 2013 CSSC Fall Convergence in Humboldt, Arlo volunteered to join the planning team for the 2014 Spring Convergence at UCSB. Along the way, he joined the Santa Barbara County Water Guardians in an effort to ban fracking in Santa Barbara County.

Now, Arlo remains committed to engaging students in a dialogue around fracking by helping CSSC build a statewide network of students against fracking. He remains near UCSB and works as a clerk at the Isla Vista Food Cooperative.

SCHOOL: UC Santa Barbara, Class Of 2014
PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Spring Convergence 2014, Accommodations Coordinator
MAJOR: BAs in History and Environmental Studies
HOMETOWN: born in Santa Monica, raised in Woodland Hills

Kristy Drutman, Students Against Fracking Field Organizer

Kristy is an undergraduate studying Society and the Environment at the University of California, Berkeley. She became involved with CSSC her freshman year when she attended her first fall convergence and fell in love with the organization. Passionate about environmental justice as well as student mobilization, Kristy became actively involved with Students Against Fracking on the UC Berkeley campus. To expand her leadership and immersion in this work,  she now serves as a statewide field organizer for CSSC’s  Students Against Fracking campaign. She is now working on establishing Students Against Fracking chapters across the state and actively building strategies with SAF’s new campaign director.

SCHOOL: UC Berkeley
PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Council representative
MAJOR: Society and Environment

Operating Team and Council Chairs

Kevin Killion, Op Team Chair

I was born and raised in the fertile soil of Chico Ca, where I continue to study. I am passionate about defending land and people using action, educations and advocacy. CSSC has been my family and community to support me in the movement. Together we empower and inspire students to take control of their lives and future by working together on common causes. I look forward to working with and collaborating with you!

SCHOOL:  CSU Chico                                                                                                                                         MAJOR: Environmental Studies                                                                                                                             PAST ROLES IN CSSC:  Council Representative, Happiness Coordinator, Convergence Coordinator      HOMETOWN: Chico, CA


 Simone Cardona, Council Chair

Simone is the current Council Chair for the 2015 cycle. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2014. As a student, Simone was a facilitator with the Education for Sustainable Living Program, Provost Sustainability Intern with the Sustainability Office, CALPIRG intern, and Kinetic Poetics Project organizer. With a passion for the natural world, she worked at the the UCSC Arboretum practicing horticulture, ecology and conservation.

Simone is an Extreme Oil Campaign Intern with ForestEthics, organizing to stop oil trains in California. She is passionately pursuing fossil fuel resistance organizing, and advocacy for a just transition to a clean energy economy. Simone identifies as a second generation mixed, multi-racial female from a hard working family. She enjoys communicating with people across backgrounds and interests, building the movement for social and environmental justice through diverse collaboration and the arts. Simone is also a passionate artist practicing painting, spoken word poetry, dance, and photography

SCHOOL:  UC Santa Cruz                                                                                                                                                                                                       MAJOR: Environmental Studies, Sociology minor                                                                                                                                                           PAST ROLES IN CSSC:  Council Co-Chair, Climate Delegate, member and supporter                                                                             HOMETOWN: La Crescenta, CA

Media and Outreach Team


 Timmy Jacobs, Website Editor

Timmy is currently a 4th year geography and environmental studies major at UCSB and will be CSSC’s website editor for this cycle. Timmy’s involvement in activism and the sustainability movement began through working on the fossil free campaign at UCSB. He quickly caught the activism bug and shortly after joining fossil free, he volunteered with the Santa Barbara Water Guardians, petitioning to get a fracking ban on SB County’s September ballot. He first got involved with CSSC while volunteering and attending the convergence at UCSB in spring 2014. He is super stoked to be a part of CSSC and looks forward to all the exciting things they will accomplish this year.

SCHOOL: UC Santa Barbara                                                                                                                                               MAJOR: Environmental Studies (BA) and Geography (BA)                                                                                           PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Member                                                                                                                                HOMETOWN: Folsom, CA


Eva Malis, Blog Editor

Eva is an outreach coordinator for Students Against Fracking and Blog Staff for the Student Environmental Resource Center at her campus. She volunteers with SEED (Students for Environmental Energy Development) at La Escuelita in Oakland to spread environmental passion to younger people. Eva has interned with Environment California to combat fracking and the Ecology Group of Bandelier National Monument as a field intern to assess post-fire regeneration. She is an alumni of the Global Environment Theme House, and is most interested in wildlife conservation, communicating sustainability, and environmental education. She became involved with CSSC through befriending the awesome CSSC-ers at her school, and is so excited to be a part of this crucial means to organize student impact with fellow passionate people.

SCHOOL: UC Berkeley                                                                                                                                                MAJOR: Environmental Science                                                                                                                           HOMETOWN: Valencia, CA


Karina Alvarez, Outreach Coordinator

Karina is one of CSSC’s outreach coordinators. At LMU, she is the president of ECO Students and is currently working to strengthen the environmental community on campus. Karina is also a part of Ignatians Service Organization, a student group that volunteers at several local organizations, schools, and other institutions while examining the social justice issues at their roots. She currently interns with the Friends of Ballona Wetlands to restore one of the last wetlands in the Los Angeles area, and is most interested in researching the interactions at play within an ecosystem. She believes that a crucial step towards protecting our planet is for people to first understand their surroundings and come to appreciate the complexity, diversity, and beauty of life.

SCHOOL: Loyola Marymount University                                                                                                          MAJOR: Environmental Science                                                                                                         HOMETOWN: Downey, CA


 Lucy Skillman, Social Media Coordinator

I am currently a first year Chico State student focusing on Communication Design and how the world works! I became involved with CSSC my first semester when I attended the Fall 2014 Convergence in Davis. At the time, I was an intern with my school’s Associated Students Sustainability program. I knew immediately I wanted to continue my journey towards sustainability and keep my relationships with sustainabilibuddies growing! I look forward to sharing information with all the CSSC folks out there through my new position as Media Coordinator! I love this planet and think we must do all we can to protect everything it does for us!

Let me know how I can help your local CSSC chapter and keep the good articles coming my way!

SCHOOL: CSU Chico                                                                                                                                         MAJOR: Mass Communication Design                                                                                                                 PAST ROLES IN CSSC: Member and supporter

HOMETOWN: Wrightwood, CA





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