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We are a diverse college student-led nonprofit shaping our future by applying pressure to decision-makers to act on the urgency of the climate crisis. We are building a world that prioritizes just and equitable resiliency in California.


Addressing our struggles with and against classism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia are a part of our environmental mission. These struggles are interrelated, deeply felt, and ingrained in our educational system and upbringings, embodied in ourselves, and intersect within overlapping and conflicting ways with one another. We must address these struggles internally and externally in order to fulfill our work against the degradation of the environment.

Our culture must be inclusive to all voices and uphold caring for oneself, one’s community, and each other. We strive to achieve environmental and social justice through an intersectional lens (how the overlap of race, gender, sexuality, and class contributes to systemic oppression).

We empower ourselves and each other through recognizing our specific place and stake in intervening the political landscape around us through direct action campaigning.

Community Agreements

These agreements are baseline agreements for interacting with each other in any CSSC space.

  • Share yourself, share the space
    • Be self aware of privilege
    • Share yourself and share the floor
    • Accept and celebrate all folks
    • Shared responsibilities
  • Honor differences 
    • Try “I” statements,” such as speaking from your own experiences and not speaking generally or making assumptions about someone else’s experiences, identity, background, values, abilities, class, race, knowledge, etc.
  • Honor confusion, create learning culture
    • Everyone’s contributions are equally valid whether they are questions or insight
    • Create a space where people feel comfortable not having knowledge in certain topics
  • Be here, be present
  • Acknowledge intent, honor impact
    • We don’t always say what we mean but we can always fix it
  • Lean into discomfort
    • See something, say something
    • Address conflict-avoidance