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Daniel Adel, Online Communications Coordinator

For me, a San Francisco Bay Area local, social and environmental advocacy is deeply personal. I have a strong sense of place shaped by my region’s majestic setting before California’s interior waterways and the vast Pacific Ocean. Raised in a working class, immigrant Bengali family, I developed a checkered identity and a knack to challenge dominant narratives of our world and society at an early age. My thirst for equity and justice came of age when I entered higher education and was introduced to its inspiring communities of organizers, their tireless work, and of others around the greater Bay Area. An advocate of many trades, I campaigned for fossil fuel divestment in the halls of San Francisco State University, and I marched to bring awareness to climate and environmental justice issues in my ancestral South Asia, and along the refinery corridor of the Northeast San Francisco Bay, where my hometown of Benicia, CA resides. A storyteller at heart, I have written for the Earth Island Journal, and have performed writing, communications, and social media outreach roles for Sacred Fire Foundation, Turtle Island Restoration Network, Bioneers, and Save The Bay.  

  • College & Major:
    • San Francisco State University, B.A., Environmental Studies (Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice), 2014  
    • Humboldt State University, M.A. Candidate, Environment and Community, expected graduation 2019
  • Past CSSC roles: Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence Organizer (2014)
  • Hometown: Benicia, CA
  • Contact: daniel@sustainabilitycoalition.org 

Chelsea Pulliam, Recruitment Coordinator

I am a California resident who has lived at both ends of the state and explored much of what lies in between. During my life I have developed a deep love for California’s unique landscapes, which has grown into a passion for ecological sustainability. In the past few years I have had the privilege to do community outreach for multiple environmental organizations and nonprofits. These opportunities allowed me to channel my passion by reaching out to the local community and connecting them with the resources to take part in sustainable living. 

  • College & Major: Humboldt State University, B.S. Environmental Management & Protection, 2015
  • Hometown: Arcata, CA
  • Contact: chelsea@sustainabilitycoalition.org

Ciara Emery, Event Director

I am a first-generation college student pursuing a Master’s of Art in Social Science in Environment and Community at Humboldt State University (HSU). I graduated HSU Summa Cum Laude in 2017 with a Bachelor of the Arts in Political Science and a minor in Journalism. I have worked in a variety of sectors doing campaign event planning, legislative advocacy, federal casework, and student organization. I believe that California is on the cutting edge of environmental policy and activism and organizations such as the CSSC play a vital role advocating for just and sustainable communities. I aim to contribute to that cause.

  • College & Major: Humboldt State University, Master of Art in Social Science, expected graduation spring 2019
  • Contact: ciara@sustainabilitycoalition.org



Josh Cozine, Program Coordinator

My name is Josh Cozine and I’ve been in school for way too long.

I’ve pretty much lived in Northern CA all my life. Growing up, I always wavered between wanting to be a teacher or a scientist. I’ve been to four different colleges now and changed majors three  different times, but it’s always had to do with one or the other. In the latter of my way too many years of college, while studying biology, I discovered sustainability as a course of study and have been hooked ever since. A lot of the reason I got into biology was my appreciation of ecology and the conservation of endangered species. Since studying sustainability, I’ve found myself more interested in the conservation of all things, but especially of the earth as a whole, functioning, system. While spending too many years in college, I’ve also learned to appreciate the impact to which well thought out, well researched, pieces of writing can affect people. It’s one thing to know the issues regarding sustainability as they stand these days, and it’s another to be able to effectively communicate these issues to others who may not know as much, or may hold contrasting views. I hope that here with the CSSC I might be able to do exactly that: share the issues and obstacles of sustainability, and hopefully solutions as well. Be they large engineering projects to bring electric vehicles to more people, or as small as tips to conserving water but still being able to grow a productive home garden.

So there’s just a bit of my past, here’s to the future!

Dylan Ruan, Journalist/Editor

The only thing I love more than reading a good story is writing one myself. As a science communicator, my goal is to break down complex information and distill it into relevant and useful content for my readers.

At UC Santa Barbara, I pursued degrees in environmental studies and communication to discover better ways of communicating environmental issues to the public. Over the course of my career as a science and environmental communicator, I learned that engaging the public in issues of sustainability is not just incredibly challenging, but also deeply rewarding.

I believe that using storytelling to spread applicable scientific knowledge is the best way that we can equip society to address the needs of our planet. The goal of my writing is to assist others to learn, grow, and be inspired by the stories I cover.

Drew Story, Senior Journalist

I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of California (UC) Riverside and am studying the aggregation and deposition mechanisms of engineered nanomaterials.

As the Public Relations Officer for the UCR Graduate Student Association, I have worked to institutionalize sustainability in the graduate student experience on campus.

I am passionate about the inclusion of science in the state and federal level policy-making process, and intend to use my scientific training to participate in the sustainable management of natural resources in the face of climate change.

I am the Editor in Chief of a science communication resource focused on southern California’s Salton Sea, and currently serve on multiple advisory committees under the California Natural Resources Agency regarding the Salton Sea Management Program.

Lillian Zhou, Senior Journalist

As a student at UC Santa Barbara and as a human living on the planet Earth, I am always exploring the endless intersections between the environment and everything else that exists in our world. Although there is a myriad of paths to a sustainable society and even more diverse notions of what that society might look like, I have learned that one thing is clear: our efforts towards sustainability can only be successful through an interdisciplinary approach that considers how the health of the environment is inseparable from social, economic, and political issues. I believe a sustainable future is possible, but getting there takes empathy, communication, creativity, and compromise.

The topics I am most passionate about are climate politics, energy politics, and food justice. In addition to my schoolwork, I am also part of a project conducting research on environmental justice conflicts in the Global South. Through my work with CSSC, I hope to contribute to a more holistic sustainability movement and show that a better world can be reached by finding the common ground that empowers us to work together.

  • College & Major: University of California, Santa Barbara, Environmental Studies and Political Science 
  • Hometown: Los Altos, CA
  • Contact: lillianzhou.la@gmail.com 

Kristin Edwards, Senior Journalist

I am a graduate student at UC Riverside pursuing a PhD in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology. My current research involves comparing the physical characteristics of fishes with the demands of their environment and investigating how these will change as the environment does. It is important to me to be able to share with the public and underrepresented groups in particular the importance and excitement of doing research and I participate in outreach both through my department and through the Association for Women in Science. I have always been passionate about both writing and conservation, so I am excited to be able to combine those pursuits here at CSSC and engage with these incredible student efforts to make the world a better place.

  • College & Major: University of California, Riverside, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
  • Hometown: Springfield, VA
  • Contact: kedwa007@ucr.edu

Sheina Crystal, Journalist

I am a second year at UC Santa Barbara, where I am pursuing a bachelors of arts degree in both the environmental studies program and the sociology program. Although a Californian at heart, my home lies in Washington D.C. Growing up in the heart of such a political city was both a blessing and a curse. Although I was sometimes late to high school because Obama wanted to crack a window (closing the street and adding a good ten minutes to my bike commute), growing up in DC exposed me to a wide range of people with a variety of experiences and lifestyles. Growing up in the nation’s capital also exposed me, for better or for worse, to the inner workings of American government. Thanks to the classes which I have taken at UCSB which continue to expand my knowledge of environmental and social issues, and to my upbringing in such a diverse city, I have become passionate about a wide range of environmental issues. Most recently, this passion has inspired me to try re-evaluate my own lifestyle and the environmental impact that it has. Through writing for CSSC, I hope to inspire others to also take an introspective approach to the environmental movement, and not only look at what they are doing to encourage sustainability, but the lifestyle they are living and the wide range of impacts that this lifestyle may have.

  • College & Major: University of California, Santa Barbara, Environmental Studies and Sociology
  • Hometown: Washington, D.C.
  • Contact: sheina.crystal@gmail.com