See links for why we started our past and current campaigns (below), our measurable results, how you can join our campaigns or start similar ones, and who our partners and funders are.

Annual Nico Linesch Boundary Crossing Scholar’s Award: CSSC is proud to partner with the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference to present the Nico Linesch Boundary Crossing Scholar’s Award, thanks to the generous support of the Linesch Family Foundation. Graduate students pursuing interdisciplinary internships at government agencies or nonprofits are eligible for a $4,000 scholarship supporting their internship activities in Summer or Fall 2020. Applications close March 18, 2020. Apply today!

We created anti-oppression trainings to:
  • Improve the experience of underrepresented students and community organizers in the sustainability movement.
  • Achieve environmental and social justice through an intersectional lens (how the overlap of race, gender, sexuality, and class contributes to systemic oppression).  Workshops include Queer Liberation, Politics of Veganism, Decolonization, De-carbonization, Youth in Climate Justice, and Storytelling.

Fossil Free Colleges (FFC): We divested $200 million dollars in California university endowments from polluting fossil fuels to socially responsible investments.  

Green New Deal (GND): We are shaping the national movement with student voices from California.

Annual Events

Convergences: Anyone (not just students!) can attend our student-led, interactive workshops and collaborate to influence decision-makers in any sector.   
Leadership Retreats: Strategic planning, decision-making, collaborative workshops.
Spark: A hack-a-thon where anyone (not just students) can plan our grassroots, statewide campaigns to pressure decision-makers to act on the climate crisis and equitable resiliency in California.