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Though we’re no longer the main hub to help students get ESLP on campuses, you can still start ESLP at your campus with resources below. 

How We Created Change

We helped students develop leadership skills while earning academic credit through student-led courses, community sustainability projects, and individual internships.

Students customize ESLP at each campus to fit their needs.  Each campus’ ESLP fits into one of three models: student-led courses, Action Research Teams (ART), and individual internships.

Students gain skills such as writing grants, managing budgets and events, giving presentations, compiling and analyzing data, developing media kits and marketing materials and more.  

Campus Models

Student-Led Courses

Students host public events with speakers such as authors, activists, and academics sharing solutions for the ecological, economic and social challenges.  In most ESLP campuses, students get course credit.  

Action Research Teams (ART)

Students work with faculty to research and take action on sustainability projects for their campus or community. 

Individual Internships

For schools without an institutionalized version of ESLP, students work with  professor  research for academic credit. These projects range from analyzing landscaping water use on a campus, to actively greening a department.  The positive outcomes of the research and the new connection with the faculty can be a catalyst for institutionalizing ESLP at that campus.

Affiliate Groups

CA Student ESLPs

These campuses run ESLP, though they might not be named ESLP. 

Start Your Own ESLP

See or share syllabi, contacts and other information.