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Green New Deal Campaign Student Activist Toolkit Overview

Have you ever wanted to get involved in policy making or understand what activism is? We made a student activist toolkit for the Green New Deal. You can learn how to sponsor a student government resolution at your campus or what community organizing is.

The Story

As a student-led organization pressuring decision-makers to act on the urgency of the climate crisis, we have been profoundly moved by the developments that have occurred on the national stage since last November. We’re referring to the rise of the Green New Deal.

As our friends in the Sunrise Movement continue galvanizing a movement that is growing strategically and efficiently, we want to support them in making the work fulfilling and accessible for students and communities traditionally left out of climate and environmental conversations. We believe in putting forward tactics to train and empower new voices into the dialogue.

We see the climate justice and jobs framework of the Green New Deal as an extension of our mission and recent campaign for 100% renewable energy on California college campuses. At our Spark 2018 conference last December, students expressed the desire to bring the Green New Deal to the campus level. We agree and are proud to throw our full weight behind the movement. Our support is manifesting through a formal campaign support California Sunrise Movement hubs in their organizing and bringing that awesome Green New Deal momentum to the campus-level with student trainings and activism to pressure student governments and college and university administrations to adopt Green New Deal resolutions. Our Green New Deal Campaign Student Activist Toolkit above provides concrete steps to start that process.

We look forward to engaging with like-minded activists and shaping the national conversation with the voice of California students.