UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly votes YES on Divestment!

Saturated in coffee and cardboard pizza, the Graduate Assembly of the University of California Berkeley (GA, basically the graduate students’ Senate) voted two-thirds majority last night in favor of UC Berkeley and UC system-wide fossil fuel divestment.

The Fossil Free UC Retreat at SLO Ranch

by Emili Abdel-Ghany, Fossil Free Intern at UC Davis Inspired. Connected. Informed. Supported. Reinvigorated. I can feel the revolution in the room. This weekend is a landmark for the fossil fuel divestment campaign in the UC. Representatives from Davis, Berkeley, Riverside, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles including representatives […]

Decarbonization as Decolonization: The Case of the Northern Bay Area

The environmental justice movement has brought important dimensions of race and class to mainstream environmentalism. But what is often overlooked is how closely related the environmental justice movement is to struggles of decolonization–especially in the context of decarbonization and the global movement toward a zero-carbon economy.


A Strong 2014 With Your Support

Happy New Year from CSSC! 2013 was quite an exciting year. In the last 12 months, our students mobilized to divest their campus institution’s endowments from the fossil fuel industry; organized and defended their communities from fracking; and joined thousands of students in Pittsburgh, PA in pushing to stop the disproportionate impact of climate change […]

Our Greatest Crisis

After decades of disregard, climate change is finally gaining momentum in the public sphere.

Fighting Fracking Indoors and Out

A student’s experience at a public comment hearing by Meredith Jacobson Two weeks ago,  I attended Oakland’s public hearing on the scope of the Department of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR)’s environmental impact report regarding fracking in the state of California. That’s a mouthful, but an important one, so […]

Press Release: Right Livelihood College Establishes Campus in California

      Common Ground partners with “Alternative Nobel Prize” to become North America’s first Right Livelihood College. Facebook Website Email Common Ground Center Education for a Just and Sustainable World Founded in 1980, the Right Livelihood Award, widely known as “the Alternative Nobel Prize,” honors and supports those offering […]

Spotlight on Butte’s Anti-Fracking Beer Campaign

by Katie Wilken, Butte College student Interviewed by Meredith Jacobson, CSSC Online Content Manager What is the general summary of this campaign? Sparked by issues of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in our local community, we have started this campaign as a way to bring awareness about fracking for liquid natural gas […]

Fasting for the Climate: Building Grassroots Power From Warsaw to California

By: Katie Hoffman, with contributions from Emily Williams and Ophir Bruck Just days after super-typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, nine students addressed the Regents of the University of California for the fifth time demanding UC officials, particularly newly appointed president Janet Napolitano, take swift and meaningful action to address the […]

Divestment / Reinvestment with Bill McKibben and Billy Parish

“Invest. Divest. Remind folks there’s no contradiction between a sound environment and strong economic growth.” — President Obama     On Tuesday, November 26, at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET, two giants of the environmental movement will host a discussion on the major issue of the day: divestment […]

Fossil Fuel Haunting UC-Wide Action

UC students across California did not stay behind closed doors on Halloween! Dressed as ghosts of a Fossil Future, we haunted our campuses and warned of the dark reality laying ahead if we sit quietly and remain tied to the fossil fuel industry! We urged our peers and our administrators […]

The Power is Already Shifting

Power Shift is a conference for the young at heart who are dedicated to overcoming the climate crisis and the fossil fuel industry, and creating a world that is socially, economically, and ecologically just.

De Anza leads Community Colleges to Fossil Freedom

Photo Credit: Ophir Bruck, Fossil Free UC De Anza College Students are Leading the Way While flipping through pictures from Power Shift this past weekend, thinking about strategy for building the inclusive movement we need to win this struggle in the long run, I was pleasantly surprised with some big […]

Apply to Solar Spring Break!

GRID Alternatives is looking for CSSC students to apply to their national Alternative Break Program happening in March 2014.

Why YOU Should Register for the Fall Convergence

Have you heard? Registration is now open for the Fall 2013 Convergence at Humboldt State University! Our team is hard at work to ensure that November 9th-10th will be the most inspiring, educational, and energizing weekend it can be.

Upcoming Regional Powershift Convergences

Hello Friends! For years, students across California have been at the frontlines of the movement for building a clean and just future. Just within the past year, our campus communities have led efforts to divest our institution’s endowments from the fossil fuel industry; to defend our communities from fracking; and […]

This Fall with CSSC

Have you read the news lately? It’s an exciting time to be an activist. CSSC has quite an action-packed semester in the works, and it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon.

How Edutainment is getting kids passionate about Sustainability

Combining fun and useful tasks Previously we wrote about how Gamification can make the world a more sustainability place, but beyond gamification, there are many more ways to make sustainability more fun and exciting. Another key example is the term Edutainment. Humans have an innate desire to learn I believe […]

Interview with Carolyn Finney Ph.D. Professor at UC Berkeley

Investment, Innovation, and Inspiration   With the next CSSC Convergence, at UC Berkeley, only a few short weeks away, we have another exclusive and thought provoking CSSC interview. Dr. Carolyn Finney is a professor at UC Berkeley in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. Her research focuses on identity representation difference […]

Divestment is the Tactic, Climate Justice is the Goal

Divestment is the Tactic, Climate Justice is the Goal April 9th through 11th, students at UC Berkeley will be asked to vote on a referendum in support of fossil fuel divestment at Cal and across the UC System. Student support for the referendum will send a clear message to UC […]

What Happened on February 17th?

I’ll tell you! It was a great rally on Sunday Feb 17th! Attending the San Francisco solidarity march was a powerful event, which brought folks from many different movements together to demonstrate in the streets of America. While the block we marched around was packed with protesters, some 40,000 people […]

Forward on Climate–National Call and Rally Roundup!

FEBRUARY 7 – Lots of amazing things happening around the nation, as young people are jumping into the new year in a really big way! Join us for national calls, and make a stand for bold climate action at solidarity rallies in LA, SF, and SD! More details after the […]

Convergence Logistics

Greetings! We hope you are all excited for the CSSC’s fall convergence held from November 9th-11th at Butte Community College, 3536 Butte Campus Dr., Oroville, CA 95965. We have prepared an incredible weekend complete with inspirational keynote speakers Chief Caleen Sisk-Franco, Anne Symens-Bucher, Adelaja Simon, Victor Menotti, Kirsten Schwind, and […]

Fall 2012 Convergence: The Three Pillars of Sustainability

The Fall 2012 Convergence is just around the corner! This weekend we will be making CSSC history: this is the first time a convergence has ever been hosted at a community college. The team at Butte has cooked up an incredible, jam-packed, inspiring weekend for you all, so if you haven’t registered yet – get on it!

Apply for a Scholarship at the Convergence!

Apply for a scholarship! A goal of our CSSC Convergences is to provide everyone with the opportunity to attend the Convergence regardless of their economic status; therefore we have created this fee waiver form that will allow you to register for free. Our deepest apologies that this is up so late.

Announcing the Fall 2012 Convergence

The CSSC Fall Convergence will be held November 9th to 11th at Butte Community College. Join hundreds of students from across CA to build community, share resources, plan action, attend workshops, and celebrate.

Ketchup on Ketchup

I recently saw a Heinz ketchup ad that read, “I put ketchup on my ketchup.” I can relate to that sentiment. While I do love the classics like Heinz, summer’s bounty is too delicious to ignore. Add so, I made this ketchup that elevated a humble weekday meal of homefries […]

Everything You Need to Know About The Convergence!

Greetings, Earthlings! I hope you are as excited as we are for the CSSC’s Spring Student Sustainability Convergence beginning this Friday, April 27th! This post contains quite a bit of important information that will help you get prepared for one of the best weekends of your life! Just keep reading, just keep reading…

Final List of Workshops

Here are the student-led workshops for the 2012 Spring Convergence!

  • Ending Corporate Personhood
  • Food Systems 101
  • The Environmental Justice Movement
  • Empowering Women Through Fair Trade

Submit a Workshop Proposal for the Spring 2012 Convergence!

We invite you to help us build a resoNATION! We each come to this convergence finding our individual places within the movement and how they connect and resonate together. We want to put this cohesion into action to build and create social, political, economic and personal change.

Spotlight on the CSSC End Coal Campaign

If you’re part of CSSC, you probably already save energy at your house: you turn off the lights when you leave the room, you don’t use unnecessary electricity guzzlers like hair dryers, and maybe you’ve even switched to energy efficient appliances or compact fluorescent light bulbs.


2012 Winter Leadership Retreat

The CSSC 2012 Winter Leadership Retreat took place January 12th-16th in the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains near Palm Springs. Natural beauty and enough space for all of us under one roof made it the perfect setting to delve deep into the nuts and bolts, or rather, the roots and shoots, of the CSSC.

Our Fall Convergence is Around the Corner!

Our Fall Convergence will be here in less than 3 weeks! Tell your friends, post it on facebook and get people excited, because you’re in for a nice post-Halloween treat! Derrick Jensen, a prolific author on environmental and social justice issues, will be our keynote speaker! And Tony Gamboa (UBUNTU!) will be our student keynote to bring all us sustainabilibuddies together. Ready to join us yet!?


Student Organizer Opportunities!

We are currently seeking to assemble a diverse team of 8 student Coordinators to assist our Campaign Director and Graduate Student Researcher to work on this campaign. Stipends are available, $500/quarter or $750/semester, with a 1-year commitment. Read more to find out about the different opportunities available!

CSSC Hiring Now!

The CSSC is positioned to develop and launch a campaign to mobilize student leaders and the California system of higher education to eliminate our dependence on coal. We are currently looking to fill 2 PAID positions, a Campaign Director and Graduate Research Assistant. Read more to look at the job descriptions and apply.