No Carbon Neutrality Conversation Without Adequate Student Representation

Photo: UC Davis By. S. Drew Story Since its formation in 2014, the University of California’s Global Climate Leadership Council (UC GCLC) has existed to advise the system and President Janet Napolitano on meeting the carbon neutrality goal set the year prior. Since carbon neutrality is larger than operational changes […]

Piloting A Sustainability Initiative: Zero Waste At UC Davis’ Resident Halls

UC Davis’ Malcom Hall is piloting a waste reduction program to remove paper from its restrooms by encouraging residents to use their own cloth towel. By Daniel Adel At CSSC, we are dedicated to advancing sustainability at our community and educational institutions. But how does our mission manifest itself in […]

Ecofeminism on the Modern Campus

By. Sara Eddy Ecofeminism is a feminist theory that intertwines female symbols, concepts and linguistics to those of the environmental movement. However, there is no concrete definition of ecofeminism and it is open to interpretation.  Do theories like these still lead to progress in our society, or are they better […]

Education for Sustainability Through the UC-CSU Knowledge Action Network

By: Shanti Belaustegui Pockell On January 1st 2016, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development officially came into action. The agenda set 17 particular Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to build a more just and resilient future for the planet and those who inhabit it. Among 17 SDGs is Goal 4, […]

A Book is a Weapon: Your Summer Sustainability Reading List

By: Kristin Edwards Even though the school year may be over, the need to defend our planet and its peoples is not. While most student organizing has likely ceased until the fall, you can remain involved in the movement through the summer months in a variety of ways. One of […]

Collaborating On A Grand Goal: A Zero Waste City And University By 2020

SF State is working with Recology on increasing their waste diversion rate. Recology, which handles the processing of San Francisco’s compost, recycling and landfill trash, is investing in research and development to make it easier to recycle certain items. Photo: Recology By. Daniel Adel Colleges and universities are anything but […]

Spotlight: Gregory Brown on Public Participation in the Environmental Movement

By. Sara Eddy Dr. Gregory Brown joined the Cal Poly campus as the head of the Natural Resources and Environmental Science department in 2016. He comes from a diverse background in environmental studies having worked in universities around the world, including: Central Washington University, University of Queensland and Alaska Pacific […]

Silver Hannon: Divestment, Dialogue, and the Power of the People

Photo: Students sit-in at UCSB’s Cheadle Hall, part of a historic action coordinated across the UCs. The sit-ins led to four UC Chancellors  publicly endorsing the need for fossil fuel divestment. By. Lillian Zhou If there was one thing that Silver Hannon could tell all California university students, it would […]


Does a Changing World Necessitate a Change in Tactics? UCR’s Reborn and Student-led Earth Week as a Tool for Education and Recruitment. By. Kyle Ritland The past year has challenged the sustainability community like none other in the recent memory of most students. It has drawn into focus the contrast […]

Protests: The Heritage of the United States

Photo: Brandon Yadegari, By. Josh Cozine Looking as far back as the Boston Tea Party, The United States of America was founded on protest. Our very first amendment was crafted to forever grant the citizens of our nation the ability to peacefully assemble and air their grievances against the […]

Kristyn Payne – CSSC Spotlight

By. Drew Story The California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) has had immense impact in developing California students into leaders. Comprising a diverse team of individuals, each with a different story to tell, unified by common goals and passions, CSSC paves the way for students to achieve measurable results for the […]

Ask Your Campus if Divestment is the Right Choice

Show them why they are wrong if they say no. By: Josh Cozine Divestment: Every great now and again the long term economic advantages of investing in an industry, and our collective understanding of the ethics involved in continuing to do so, come to a distinct crossroads. Disinvesting, or divesting, […]

Perspectives from UCOP: Students in Sustainability

S. Drew Story | November, 30, 2016 A despondent cloud hung over the Hay Barn at UC Santa Cruz on November 9. The University of California’s Global Climate Leadership Council (GCLC) had convened for their last meeting of 2016, with fewer than 12 hours having passed since Donald Trump had […]

CSSC #NoDAPL Statement

(Pictured above: UC students mobilize to demand divestment from the Dakota Access Pipeline and fossil fuel industry on February 2.)   EMERGENCY UPDATE: The final Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) permit has been granted. The Indigenous Coalition at Standing Rock has called for February 8th to be an international day of emergency […]

Spotlight – Kyle Fischler

Pictured above: Kyle Fischler By: Dylan Ruan In the internal management of a nonprofit, the question of funding is unavoidable. Nonprofits like CSSC serve their goals by providing community services, energetic events, and transformative programs. Kyle Fischler, treasurer of CSSC, balances the budget to help keep these things coming. From […]

Rising Up To Resist Trump’s Climate Denial

Picture found at Fossil Free. A climate denier has just been sworn in as President, and youth and students are rising up. As people dedicated to challenging the regressive political momentum and power in order to contribute to a world where equity and solutions to climate change are favored over […]

A (Loud) Student Voice in Institutional Sustainability

S. Drew Story | October 20, 2016 “I don’t care about the data. Stop talking about the data,” he pleaded to the committee member. “Students want to talk about justice, not about how many ppb’s [of CO2] are in the atmosphere.” Benjamin Sommerkorn may be the newest member of the […]

College Administrators Take Note: Divestment from Fossil Fuels Passes $5 Trillion

Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr/cc College administrators take note: the global movement to divest from fossil fuels is growing—and faster than ever. Marking the movement’s remarkable success, a report from last month shows the value of funds controlled by individuals and institutions who have vowed to dump their fossil fuels assets now surpasses $5 trillion. California students […]

Spotlight: Lauren Jabusch

Pictured above: Lauren Jabusch. Photo credit: Cristian Heredia By Josh Cozine I recently had the privilege to interview Lauren Jabusch, Chair of the Board of Directors for the last three years with CSSC and current Chair of the Governance Committee. Lauren is pursuing a PhD in Biological Systems Engineering at […]

Hundreds Kick Off National Earth2Trump Resistance Roadshow Tour

The California Student Sustainability Coalition joined a coalition of social justice and environmental groups on Monday, January 2 in Oakland to kick off the cross-country Earth2Trump roadshow, a two-route, 16 stop tour building a network of resistance against President-elect Trump’s dangerous agenda on civil rights and the environment. The free […]

Spotlight: Will Carlon, J.D., CSSC Board Member

S. Drew Story | September 29, 2016 The Board of Directors at the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) is a diverse team of individuals working together towards one common goal of empowering students across California to affect positive change towards sustainable culture, both on campus and in their communities. The […]

Into 2017 We Go

By. Kezia Wright, guest blogger The dawn of 2017 is fast approaching and with it comes a time of reflection on the gains of the environmental movement. Last week, beginning the 12th December, the first wind farm in US waters off the coast of Rhode Island quietly started to send […]

The Unfinished Pipeline that Reconnected an Ancient Nation

By. Josh Cozine Disputed Areas: The Dakota access pipeline has recently gained much media attention because areas of its construction began encroaching on lands sacred to Native Americans of the Sioux tribes back in April of this year. Though the construction zones for the pipeline are technically outside of the […]

Goodbye and Good Vibes to Longtime CSSC Leader: Emili Abdel-Ghany

After years working with CSSC in many different roles and capacities, Emili Abdel-Ghany is saying her goodbye to the organization. She is departing to focus on the health of herself and her mother. In a country without an adequate healthcare system, taking care of each other is crucial. As Johanna Hedva […]

Welcome to the CSSC Board of Directors Jaime Gonzalez!

Change can be exciting. Change is especially exciting when it brings wonderful and empowered people into CSSC Leadership Roles. CSSC welcomes Jaime Gonzalez as a new member to the Board of Directors! Jaime was first introduced to CSSC when he saw an announcement for the 2014 Fall Convergence.  As the […]

A Determined Delegation : COP21 Blog by Ryan Camero

I came to Paris representing the California Student Sustainability Coalition, in this rare and crucial point in time to decide a global agreement on collective action against the climate crisis. Because unexpected circumstances many groups, including ours, did not receive their requests for badges (they are expectedly difficult to obtain), […]

A Child of the San Joaquin River at the Paris Climate Conference

This post was originally posted on the Restore the Delta Website and can be found here. Part 1 of Restore the Delta’s artivist Ryan Camero’s blog series on his experience at the Paris Climate Conference 2015.  PARIS – Today marks the ending of the first week of the COP21 and […]

Ryan Camero speaking to crowd

3 Reasons Why Ryan Camero Should Attend COP21

Ryan Camero is a twenty-two year old community organizer and arts activist born and raised in Stockton, California. This year, he won a Brower Youth Award, officially recognizing him as a young leader making impressive strides in the environmental movement. He is one of six youth in the entire nation to […]

In Recognition of the Charleston Shooting

On Wednesday, June 17th in Charleston, South Carolina, nine black people were brutally murdered by a white, male shooter. They were attending weekly prayer services at Emanuel AME Church, one of the oldest black churches in the South and an important community space serving the black community for over 100 […]

Oil Spills Whose Fault are They Anyway

By: Emily Williams “It’s not your fault.” In the movie Goodwill Hunting, Robin Williams repeats this line over and over to Matt Damon, helping him accept that the trauma he faced, in fact, wasn’t his fault. I can’t help that that mantra crosses my mind every time I’m confronted with […]

A Critical Response to the Refugio Oil Spill

By: Arlo Bender-Simon As someone who spends a lot of my time paying attention to fossil fuel resistance efforts, I am growing numb to the term “disaster.” I am reading pretty much every other week about a spill, an explosion, homes evacuated, waterways polluted…..makes me want to tune out. If […]

UCSB Community Holds Rally in Response to Oil Spill

UCSB COMMUNITY HOLDS RALLY AT ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING IN RESPONSE TO OIL SPILL, CALLS OUT UNIVERSITY FOR INVESTMENTS IN SPILL On Tuesday, May 19th, a pipeline owned by Plains All American carrying Exxon’s oil ruptured, spilling over 100,000 gallons of oil, 21,000 of which made its way into the sea.  Plains […]

UCSB Students LEED by Example

by:Kaitlin Carney, Noah Eckhous, and Timothy Jacobs A group of students from the University of California, Santa Barbara are wrapping up a year-long course in green building in which they worked through the process of LEED certifying a campus building. The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification recognizes Leadership in […]

Sustainable Campus Life

by:David Sia About Author: David Sia works for as a journalist. He graduated from University of West Los Angeles in Inglewood and holds master’s degree in Law. Inglewood is an example of a multicultural town, reflecting the world in its expansive diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and ideas. I am […]

UC to Paris Climate Symposium

by Eva Malis On Monday, May 4th, UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty gathered for the first time with California political leaders and UC Office of the President staff to celebrate and discuss the University of California and State’s role in addressing climate change. With the approaching 21st session of […]

Twitter Town Hall:Don’t Frack California

Curious how #fracking is impacting the #CAdrought? Tune-in to this twitter town hall to find out. Our own CSSC Students Against Fracking Campaign Director Shoshanna Howard will on a panel answering questions during this twitter town hall. The panel will be answering questions that are tweeted until then! Follow #DontFrackCa […]

Hosting a Workshop at CSSC Convergence

by: Kevin Bertolero, Guest Blogger Over the weekend I hosted a workshop at an event known as the convergence. The California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) hosts these biannual events at universities across the state. A convergence is an event for students who are passionate about and work in the three […]

Spring 2015 Convergence Approaches

 by:Eva Malis Towards the end of every semester, I find myself growing restless and excited to share and apply what I’ve learned. CSSC Convergence serves as a perfect outlet for this desire for growth, and I cannot believe its already that time of the year again! With Convergence only a […]

Trees on TV’s: The Consequences of Separation

by: Eva Malis A pristine forest is pasted on a billboard to advertise an insurance company. Beside it, shining faces with unnatural smiles claim “Guaranteed”. Below it, a patch of yellow native grass dances with a Redbull can, receipt, and plastic grocery bag tangled in its hair. The drive from […]