Los Angeles Anti-Fracking Champion pt. 3

by Arlo Bender-Simon While Kern County is home to over 75% of California’s fossil fuel production and the Bay area is California’s hub for social justice activism, Los Angeles County is home to millions of people living right next to oil and gas operations. Part 3: Recent Elections & Moving […]

Emergency Petition on Fracking to Governor Brown

by: Shosanna Howard, Campaign Director, Students Against Fracking “We, the undersigned Petitioners, hereby petition the Honorable Edmund G. Brown to use his emergency powers under the duties of the Governor’s office to protect Californians from imminent threats to public health and safety by implementing an immediate statewide moratorium on hydraulic […]

Los Angeles: Anti-Fracking Champion

by:Arlo Bender-Simon While Kern County is home to over 75% of California’s fossil fuel production and the Bay area is California’s hub for social justice activism, Los Angeles County is home to millions of people living right next to oil and gas operations. Part 2: The Fight Against Fracking In […]

New Co-op Course Seeks to Revamp Cal’s Business Curriculum

By: Hanna Morris, Student Environmental Resource Center, UC Berkeley It’s mid-morning on Friday and the four Co-op DeCal facilitators are discussing next week’s lesson plans over freshly brewed coffee at Blue Door Café. The syllabus is impressive, with admittedly more resources, field trips and relevant readings than many of my […]

Post-Global Divestment Day Op-ed

Regents: Whose Side Are You On? Californians demand real climate leadership. One week after the largest-ever anti-fracking rally — the March for Real Climate Leadership in Oakland, CA — students and community members took action on University of California campuses for climate justice on the first-ever Global Divestment Day. We […]

USC Oil Resistance

By:  Dale Solomon Over the course of the last year, prices of crude oil have dropped dramatically, causing an upheaval in the fossil fuel industry. Expensive projects that are not already approved and underway are being abandoned. The industry points to dropping prices of crude as the reason, but we […]

UC Students Ask Chancellors to be “Theirs” this Valentine’s Day

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PRESS RELEASE UC Students Ask Chancellors to be “Theirs” this Valentine’s Day And to break up with fossil fuel investments This Friday, February 13th, University of California students will be joining hundreds of campaigns around the world in calling for an end to fossil fuel investments during […]

Students March in Largest Anti-Fracking Demonstration in US History

by: Ella Teevan On Saturday, UC Berkeley students made history, marching alongside activists from across California in the largest rally against fracking the US has ever seen. Despite a spattering of rain, 8,000 people took to the streets of Oakland for the March for Real Climate Leadership, a direct call […]

The Time is Now for a Real Climate Leader

By: Jacob Elsanadi, Kristy Drutman, and Eva Malis Standing in front of her Inglewood home, Geneva Morgan points to the dramatic cracks in her driveway, house, and street and declares to a camera, “The truth is that when they frack, they go underneath our houses.” Standing in front of the […]

Los Angeles: Anti-Fracking Champion?

By: Arlo Bender-Simon While Kern County is home to over 75% of California’s fossil fuel production and the Bay area is California’s hub for social justice activism, Los Angeles County is home to millions of people living right next to oil and gas operations. Part 1: Context There are more […]

Agents of Change—Why Youth, the Global South, Minorities, and Woman Must Take Their Rightful Seat at the Table, and How They Are Being Prevented from Doing So

by Emily Williams, CSSC Campaign Director The UNFCCC likes to think that it’s “politically friendly.” At the Conferences of the Parties they work tirelessly on media, informational pamphlets, swag, and dazzling side events to “celebrate” marginalized demographics and throw around rhetoric of welcoming them into a place of leadership. Nearly […]

CSSC Launches Zero Waste Mini-Grant Program

by Sydney Johnson Starting in Spring 2015, the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) will be providing mini-grant funding for student-led projects aimed at eliminating waste. Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded for projects expected to last from January 1 to June 30, 2015. According to the CSSC website, […]

Setting the context for global climate catastrophe.

by Emily Williams Trudging along through the muggy heat of Lima at the UN Climate Conference, nothing would indicate that we were standing at a conference that is slated to respond to a planetary emergency. Delegates lounge at tables on the grass, under the shade of trees, conducting interviews and […]

UC Berkeley Solidarity Letter on Tuition Hikes

by The UC Berkeley Environmental Coalition On Thursday, November 20, 2014, the Regents of the University of California passed a tuition plan that will increase student fees up to five percent for each of the next five years, amounting to a nearly twenty-eight percent increase. This decision was made despite […]

Recap: Fall 2014 UC Davis Convergence a Success

by: Eva Malis This past weekend (Nov. 14th-16th) over 550 students gathered at UC Davis to learn, grow, and build. The theme Act Collectively, Transition Together – Systems for Justice pushed the boundaries of a sustainability movement towards confronting the intersections of social justice with those of the sustainability community. […]

Stop Accecpting Climate Change, Get Active

by: Emily Williams We’ve probably all heard of the Five Stages of Climate Grief.[1] It has its roots in the Five Stages of Grief, and refers to the emotional processing our society uses to cope with climate change. First you are in denial. You deny that the earth is warming, […]

Spotlight Series-Fall Convergence 2014

by: Eva Malis Perspectives from organizers across CSSC regarding Fall 2014 Convergence at UC Davis!    RUBY FISHER-SMITH What do you do on the planning team and why do you do it? I am the treasurer of the UC Davis CSSC chapter, and I lead the finance team for the […]

A Chat with Keynote Speaker Alyssa Bradford

By Eva Malis Tell me more about your work: I’m a community organizer and a solution-based activist, currently organizing solution-based action against human trafficking. It’s so misconstrued, people think that it’s just sex slavery, so I’m working on that. I’m involved with the San Diego chapter of Affirm Gabnet, which […]

Your Invitation to Convergence

by:Emili Abdel-Ghany Where do I begin? I feel like I am planning my graduation party, what better celebration than with old friends and new from across the state in my second home of UC Davis? This convergence is going to be different. It may be uncomfortable, fun, smelly, exhausting, inspiring, […]

Election Results Statement for CSSC

by CSSC The 2014 mid-term election season proved to be an eye-opening and important one. In reflection of the important county measures to ban fracking, California Student Sustainability Coalition would like to address the results and highlight how the organization will move forward with these legislative outcomes. Measure J – […]

A Town Hall Meeting for the Proposed Food Systems Minor

by Sydney Johnson · November 1, 2014 UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff met Wednesday night in an open dialogue about the proposed Food Systems Minor. The Town Hall meeting, as it was called, centered primarily around audience input and invited those interested in the minor to come and share […]


Keynote Speaker Confirmed for Convergence

by Eva Malis Already stoked for Fall 2014 Convergence? Here’s another reason to be: Gopal Dayaneni will be one of our keynote speakers! November 14-16th at UC Davis, we will be gathering under the theme of Act Collectively, Transition Together: Systems for Justice, and Gopal’s experience fits perfectly within this […]

Food and Climate Change: What Are Students Saying? by: Eva Malis As the urgency of the climate dilemma looms over us like a swiftly approaching storm cloud, more people are desperately searching for easy solutions. And there are many of them—a whole world of creative solutions, all with debatable impacts. […]

UC Regents: Listen to Your Community. Be True Climate Leaders.

by: Emili Abdel-Ghany, UC Davis Class of 2014 Community and Regional Development California Student Sustainability Coalition Field Organizer for the Fossil Freedom Solidarity Organizing Program and former Senior Field Organizer for the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign. Over the past three years I have seen communities rise up together across UC […]

Drought, Earthquakes, and Corporations- Oh My!

Drought, Earthquakes, and Corporations- Oh My! by Jessica Olson Climate Change is Strictly Business In the wake of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that struck California’s wine country on August 24th, 2014 (the largest since the 1989 Loma Prieta quake with a magnitude of 6.9) it’s time for this drought-ridden state […]

A Thank You Letter to CSSC

I moved to California in the fall of 2010 to attend UC Berkeley. By spring, I had found CSSC. It’s actually a funny story.In the spring of 2011, Energy Action Coalition held its third ever Power Shift conference in Washington DC. I had gone to Power Shift in 2009 when […]


Shakshuka, also known as Eggs in Purgatory, is heaven on earth. By far my favorite savory breakfast dish, it consists of a dreamy tomato and bell pepper based sauce with eggs poached directly in the sauce. It draws on international roots spanning North Africa and the Middle East; shakshuka is […]

Fossil Free Moves Forward: May Regents Meeting Account

We piled, enthused but bleary-eyed, into a gas guzzling old Volvo on the morning of May 14th. I contemplated, as I feel obligated to do, the net emissions of traveling from Santa Cruz to attend the UC Regents meeting in Sacramento:

CSSC Alumni: Where Are They Now?

This month, we are excited to present Brian Croshal, who you may know as the aquaponics guru from the convergence, the guy with the solar trailer, or a member of the Tree Amigos band.

Victory for UC Service Workers and Allies

After 20 months of bitter disagreement and 2 strikes, the UC and the AFSCME 3299 union signed a historic 4-year contract and called off a third system wide strike that was scheduled for March 3- March 7.

How to Raise the Funk

by Kevin Killion, Butte/Chico CSSC and CSSC Op Team Chair Funky Frackin Fundraiser, and so can you. A funkraiser is an opportunity to combine celebration, education and amazing people together. There are lots of variables  to consider, yet funkraising is a practical way to outreach to our community, raise funds […]

Youth have an obligation to reject the Keystone XL pipeline

The U.S. State Department recently released its Final Environmental Impact Statement, or FEIS, for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, a project by Canadian energy company TransCanada, that would carry close to 1 million barrels per day of the world’s dirtiest oil from the Canadian tar sands in Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico for foreign export.

Don’t Frack LA!

UCLA CALPIRG Students Against Fracking Campaign Contributors: Jacqueline Mak – Campaign Director Angela Kim – Intern Angela Yip – Intern Natalie Un  – Intern WHAT THE FRACK? Do you know what that means? Hydraulic fracturing, fracking for short, is a dangerous method of drilling for oil, and it’s right here in LA. […]

UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly votes YES on Divestment!

Saturated in coffee and cardboard pizza, the Graduate Assembly of the University of California Berkeley (GA, basically the graduate students’ Senate) voted two-thirds majority last night in favor of UC Berkeley and UC system-wide fossil fuel divestment.

The Fossil Free UC Retreat at SLO Ranch

by Emili Abdel-Ghany, Fossil Free Intern at UC Davis Inspired. Connected. Informed. Supported. Reinvigorated. I can feel the revolution in the room. This weekend is a landmark for the fossil fuel divestment campaign in the UC. Representatives from Davis, Berkeley, Riverside, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles including representatives […]

Decarbonization as Decolonization: The Case of the Northern Bay Area

The environmental justice movement has brought important dimensions of race and class to mainstream environmentalism. But what is often overlooked is how closely related the environmental justice movement is to struggles of decolonization–especially in the context of decarbonization and the global movement toward a zero-carbon economy.