Silver Hannon: Divestment, Dialogue, and the Power of the People

Photo: Students sit-in at UCSB’s Cheadle Hall, part of a historic action coordinated across the UCs. The sit-ins led to four UC Chancellors  publicly endorsing the need for fossil fuel divestment. By. Lillian Zhou If there was one thing that Silver Hannon could tell all California university students, it would […]

Kristyn Payne – CSSC Spotlight

By. Drew Story The California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) has had immense impact in developing California students into leaders. Comprising a diverse team of individuals, each with a different story to tell, unified by common goals and passions, CSSC paves the way for students to achieve measurable results for the […]

Oil Spills Whose Fault are They Anyway

By: Emily Williams “It’s not your fault.” In the movie Goodwill Hunting, Robin Williams repeats this line over and over to Matt Damon, helping him accept that the trauma he faced, in fact, wasn’t his fault. I can’t help that that mantra crosses my mind every time I’m confronted with […]

Kori Lay, Regional Event Coordinator, Central Coast

SCHOOL: UCSB, 6/2014 MAJOR: Chemistry and Enviromental Studies  HOMETOWN: Port Washington About Me When I was in elementary school, my brothers told me that their favorite animals were tigers and lions. Upon hearing this, I asked them what animal could beat a tiger and a lion in a fight. My brother said […]

Emily Williams, Note Translator

UC Santa Barbara, 2013
As note taker, I make sure that internal communication happens! When any of the CSSC main bodies makes a decision, has a concern, I communicate that to the rest of the organization so that we’re all in the loop.

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Brianna Snider, Newsletter Co-Editor

UC Santa Barbara, 2013
I send out monthly newsletters to our entire list serve. Content includes updates from our chapters such as local victories and campaigns on college campuses throughout California. Obtaining such information involved checking in with CSSC’s council members.

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Cassie Belden, Happiness Coordinator

UC Santa Barbara, 2013

As Happiness Coordinator, I have the joy and privilege of checking in with my fellow op team members and making sure they are doing well. I also get to send them birthday notes and do other random fun things. Yay happiness!

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Julia Clark, Council Co-Chair

Humboldt State University, 2015
I provide support to all of our Council Representatives, and I connect students to the resources they need for the projects they are working on. Additionally, I orient new council representatives to CSSC, and facilitate council conference calls.

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Wendy Myvett, Council Co-Chair

City College of San Francisco,2012
As a council member I try to get students on my campus involved with our sustainability club the Green Corps as well promote CSSC events on my campus. As the note translator I make sure that the Council, Op-Team and Board all share and receive info from one another.

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Andrew Chang, Campaign Director

UC Santa Barbara, 2011
I lead and organize the California community of higher education to create a cohesive statewide movement that will help us end our dependence on coal. In addition, I work with the Board of Directors on fundraising for CSSC as well as provide support, mentoring, and assistance in making student-run CSSC programs and campaigns run effectively.

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Tessa Joy Salzman, Central Coast Regional Coordinator

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 2013
In this role I plan to co-host events each quarter as a way to bring our CSSC family and extended network of student activists together in between Convergences and Leadership Retreats because twice a year is not enough! The events will be anything from potlucks on the beach, to camping trips, to day hikes or any other excursions our regional group decides upon. They will be an opportunity to gain support from one another for projects we’re each working on on our own campuses and an opportunity to strengthen the CSSC bond we all share!

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