Fossil Fuel Haunting UC-Wide Action

UC students across California did not stay behind closed doors on Halloween! Dressed as ghosts of a Fossil Future, we haunted our campuses and warned of the dark reality laying ahead if we sit quietly and remain tied to the fossil fuel industry! We urged our peers and our administrators to help us avoid a Fossil Future and to move toward climate justice! #FossilFreeUC #ActOnClimate #DivestNow
Share these memes with your friends and “like” the Fossil Free UC Facebook page for fossil fuel “facts of the day” and more entertaining memes to come! Every day until the UC Regent’s Meeting on Monday, November 12th, Fossil Free UC will post a different fact that you can share to your so
cial networks. Join the movement and spread the word: the momentum just keeps building!
For more updates and info on how you can get involved, check out:




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