Become a CSSC Chapter

Campus Chapters are CSSC affiliated student organizations that operate on the campus level.

Campus Chapters participate in campaigns, projects, and programs that align with their unique passions. They are the point of information access, and the hub of communication between the statewide CSSC and their campus.


Not all chapters will be alike. Some operate as collaborative coalitions, some as boards within their student government, and others as individual clubs or organizations. Though each campus chapter has its own unique structure and operates in its own way, they all come together to share ideals and goals with CSSC.


Check out our current Campus Chapters HERE!



What are the benefits for campus groups?

Campus Chapters are invited to…

  • Send two Campus Representatives to each Winter and Summer Leadership Retreat! They get to participate in training, orientation, leadership development, networking, and team building with other CSSC leaders.

  • Build solidarity and network with one of the largest student sustainability organizations in California.

  • Participate in defining the CSSC’s annual Vision and Goals!
  • Contribute to the CSSC website and social media platforms. Chapters are invited to write blogs, publicize their campus events, share stories, and more!
  • Participate in our statewide Campaigns, Projects, and Programs. Some of these involve relationships with larger organizations, and some offer students traveling opportunities!
  • Host CSSC Convergences!


Campus Chapters also gain access to…

  • Our Staff, Operating Team, Board, and Alumni network for resources, advice, and opportunities for advancement and career development!

  • Customized chapter  and personal leadership development support!

  • Each other! A powerful, vast, and growing network of groups that share common challenges, find creative solutions, develop best practices, and synergize!


What are the Benefits to the CSSC?

New chapters will…

  • Bring new faces, personalities, and perspectives to the sustainability movement!
  • Generate resources that can be used by all members of the coalition!

  • Build organizational capacity for and facilitate communication amongst coalition campaigns, committees, and projects!

What are the Benefits for California?

The state of California gains…

  • A stronger more unified voice for the vision and values of sustainability!
  • A solid model of sustainability through organizational culture!

  • Strong student leaders capable of coming together to work collaboratively on regional, statewide, national, and global initiatives!

  • Dynamic and adaptable leadership bodies that effectively channel grass-roots collaboration into collective action!

  • Graduating students prepared to bring a sustainable perspective to their jobs, internships, and volunteer work!

  • Joy and celebration of life!

What is expected of a CSSC Chapter?

Chapters are expected to…

  • Promote CSSC Convergences and encourage local members to attend.
  • Identify two Campus Representatives for the cycle (our cycles go from January-July and July-January) who will:
    • Fulfill the roles and responsibilities of a Council Representative
    • Participate regularly in the Council of Representatives
    • Attend the biannual Leadership Retreats.
    • Fill out a Campus Chapter Profile twice a year before each bi-annual leadership retreat.


Who can become a CSSC Chapter??

  • Any UC, CSU, CCC, or private California University may have one CSSC chapter on their campus.
  • Any officially recognized student organization within a campus may become a CSSC Campus Chapter.
  • Each campus may have only one CSSC chapter.

How does my campus start a new CSSC Chapter?

Follow these steps…

  • Introduce the CSSC Charter to your student organization.
  • Have your organization decide as a group to endorse the CSSC Chapter Charter.
  • Send meeting minutes recording official endorsement of the CSSC Charter by the campus group to
  • Submit documentation demonstrating the group’s registration with the school as an official student group to (e.g., a link to your student group’s name listed on your school’s official website)
  • Complete the Campus Chapter Profile for our website.


We are always open to new chapters! There are no deadlines for completing these steps.

How does my campus maintain an existing CSSC Chapter?

Inspiration! Ignite the flame of sustainable energy in your peers! When your fantastic student leaders transfer and graduate, be sure to make space to welcome in the new wave of bright excited faces! Internal sustainability is key to accomplishing the external sustainability we wish to see in the world.


With each new turnover, your campus organizations will change and morph, as all groups do. As this happens, be sure to update:

  • Names and contact information of your two Council Representatives
  • Your group’s mission and goals
  • Your group’s current projects!
  • Opportunities for students within your campus group


You can submit these updates via the Campus Chapter Profile form or via email to

Who can I contact with further questions?

The Council Co-Chairs are the main contact persons when it comes to Campus Chapters. They are a great resource, but keep in mind the information you seek may already be available! It never hurts to do a bit of research before inquiring.


If you have any further questions about chapters or becoming a chapter, you can contact the Council Co-Chairs at this email:


If you are a current chapter and take issue with any of the above requirements, please submit your concerns to:

The Council Co-Chairs will consider your concerns and get back to you as soon as possible.


Not sure who you’re speaking to? You can see who the current Council Co-Chairs are on THIS PAGE.


  1. Hello, my name is Ramon Garcia and I am part of the Honors Program at Cal State Los Angeles. The Honors College is currently composing a sustainability audit on CSULA and sustainability will continue to apart of the Honors curriculum. We would love to become a part of your organization and have a chapter on campus. We currently have about 20 highly motivated students and we are ready to do whatever it takes to get this started. I have heard rumors that CUSLA had at one point a CSSC chapter on campus, but I would like to double check with you, since I do not see CSULA on your website. If there is not a chapter on campus I would love to start one asap!

    Thank you!

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