Join CSSC’s Leadership

Joining the statewide leadership of CSSC offers students a unique opportunity to take their sustainability work to the next level. We are looking for people to fill the following roles:

Recruitment Coordinator

Grant Writer


Event Director

Benefits of Joining The CSSC Leadership

A Team of Your Peers

The leadership of the California Student Sustainability Coalition is built of students and alumnx from UCs, CSUs, Community Colleges, and Private Universities from across the state.  It is a tight knit group that works incredibly hard, but that also values community and friendship above all else.  Students who join CSSC’s leadership develop into some of the most active and influential members of the students sustainability movement in California.

Leadership Retreats and Convergences

Besides conversing regularly on conference calls and via email, members of CSSC’s Leadership gather twice a year at Leadership Retreats where they engage in community building, celebration, and planning for their work.  They also receive free admittance to all Convergences.

Build Your Resume

We wont lie, it looks really good to add the CSSC to your resume.  As part of the CSSC Leadership team you will engage in work and develop skills that will make employers salivate to have you on their team.

Develop Your Leadership

We call it the “Leadership Pipeline” – it’s the phenomenon of students who join the Leadership of CSSC being catapulted into roles of further leadership and management after their time with the organization.  The list of CSSC alumni who have gone on to hold prominent positions in communities, non-profits, businesses, and governments is extensive.

Make A Difference

Below government and corporations, universities are one of the most influential systems in the world.  As part of the leadership of CSSC, you will directly be influencing the universities of California to become more sustainable.

Who Can Join?

Any current students or recent alumni are welcome to join the CSSC Leadership.

What Can I Do?

There are a myriad of options available to students and alumni to participate in the leadership of CSSC.


The Council of Representatives is a body of students from across California that represent the students at their respective campuses.  The Council advises the Operating Team and Board of Directors in their work, helps to outreach for CSSC, and maintains connections amongst campuses across the state.


Getting an internship is a great way to begin your work with CSSC.  Sometimes we are in need of specific internships, but more frequently we construct internships according to the needs of individuals who apply.

CSSC’s Writing Program is beginning its second year of journalism internships. Click here to apply.


The CSSC Staff maintain the regular operations, events, and projects of CSSC.  This is the most active body of CSSC and requires much commitment and time. This is a great opportunity to really take your leadership to the next level.

Join Our Leadership