Interview with Mike Roselle Co-Founder of Earth First!

Sustainability from a Radical Perspective

Portrait of a Life-Long Activist

Long before the California Student Sustainability Coalition was even a thought in the eyes of young university students, there was an organization which decided to bring non-violent direct action into the forests and wild places of the United States. This organization was and still is called Earth First!. Earth First! was founded in 1980 by a group of individuals inspired by innovative environmental thinkers of their time, such as, novelist Edward Abbey and his work the Monkey Wrench Gang.

These individuals pledged, “No compromise in the defense of mother earth”.

In this exclusive CSSC interview, Earth First! Co-Founder Mike Roselle, talks about: his experience growing up in Louisville, Kentucky during the Civil Rights movement, his life as a frontline activist, and how his organization used the media to win battles protecting mother earth. For more information on Mike Roselle and Earth First!, you can watch the recently released film Who Bombed Judi Bari or read his book Tree Spiker: From Earth First! to Lowbagging: My Struggles in Radical Environmental Action.

Interview by: Ambrosia Krinsky 

Videography: Dorian Cohen

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