Apply for a Nico Linesch Boundary Crossing Scholar’s Award

We are pleased to announce the first annual Nico Linesch Boundary Crossing Scholar’s Award, created by his loved ones in his memory. Nico died in January 2017 just as he was finding himself professionally at the intersection between data informed urban planning and public health.  His dream was to incorporate public health data in transportation strategies for the planned environment.  He loved to engage communities in articulating a vision that was safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable, especially in marginalized areas of Los Angeles, the city where he was raised and which he loved.

Funds have been raised with contributions from many folks who knew and were touched by Nico’s heart and mind, to underwrite this award.  It will be awarded annually to students whose intentions support the continuation of Nico’s work.  Learn more about Nico at

 This award will provide $4,000 stipends for students who design interdisciplinary internships in agencies whose budgets limit their capacity to offer compensation.  

Criteria for Consideration

  1. Current post baccalaureate student enrolled in a graduate or professional program at a California public or private accredited university.
  2. Contracted plans for interdisciplinary practicum or intern experience at a governmental or non-profit agency as part of degree program.

Application Requirements

  1. Letter of intent (1 page)
  2. Transcripts from current degree program
  3. Description of internship/practicum with contact information for responsible party in selected agency
  4. Essay identifying interdisciplinary nature of internship and career goals, specifically informed by Nico’s life and published work (1- 2 pages)
  5. Two letters of recommendation from academic or professional references

Application Timeline
Applications are due on Tuesday January 2, 2018. All documents must be complete to be considered and should be sent to
Awards will be announced in early April 2018 and may be awarded for summer or fall internships.
Awardees will be introduced at an event honoring Nico in May in Los Angeles.

Ongoing Requirements

  1. Awardees will be required to complete a W9 forms for tax purposes.
  2. Awardees will be required to complete a report/survey at the midpoint of their internship.
  3. Awardees will be required to submit a reflective essay at the completion of their internship. Guidelines will be provided.

Questions can be sent to
Selection Committee members, relatives of Selection Committee members, and Family members of Nico Linesch are not eligible to apply for this award.
Awards will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099-MISC.

You can learn more about Nico and contribute to the scholar’s award here.