We run, support, and endorse projects that help to transform California’s universities into models of sustainability.

Statewide Student Convergences

We organize events to help students connect.  Our statewide convergences bring together hundreds of students twice a year to network, build community, share resources, attend workshops, and celebrate.  Additionally we organize Leadership Retreats, Potlucks, and Networking calls across the state.

Fossil Free California

The Fossil Free California Campaign aims to align our schools’ endowments with their missions and, with the help of partners nationwide, send a strong message to the fossil fuel industry: your time’s up.

Students Against Fracking (SAF)

Students Against Fracking is working along with other partner organizations to resist local and regional investment and development of hydraulic fracturing and fossil fuel import/export infrastructure


Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP)

The Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) is the primary research, education, and outreach component of the statewide California Student Sustainability Coalition. Each week world renowned authors, activists, and academics travel to university campuses to speak on the interconnected and interdependent nature and challenges of the 21st Century.

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF)

The Green Initiative FundThe Green Initiative Fund is a grant-making fund for sustainability projects on campus. It is funded by a per semester student fee approved by the student body. Projects are selected for funding by an annually appointed Grant Making Committee consisting of students, faculty, and staff, in which students have the majority vote. TGIF has been passed at UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, and UC Los Angeles.


 Campus Organizing Training (COT’s)

The Campus Organizing trainings are a way to further the student sustainability movement. The CSSC wants to mobilize and educate California’s student leaders. To do this, we have created a new program called Campus Organizing Trainings (COT’s). COT’s are educational workshops created with the purpose of teaching students how to become organizers, share skills, and to become empowered.

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