Past Convergence Experiences

What is a Convergence?

Not sure what a convergence is? A CSSC convergence is an event for students from across our golden state who are passionate about and work in the three branches of sustainability; economics, equity, and ecology. It is at time for students to share their projects, ideas, knowledge, and, inspiration with one another. Our biannual convergences provide the space for the future and current leaders of the sustainability movement to meet, unite, and organize!

What to expect from a CSSC Convergence:

  • Inspiring keynote speakers from all around California and all walks of life
  • Student-led workshops on topics spanning the 3 E’s of Sustainability (Ecology, Economy, Equity)
  • Impromptu breakout sessions and caucuses
  • Panels highlighting the intersectionality of causes and campaigns
  • Plenty of free time to meet, greet, and coordinate
  • Delicious sustainable vegetarian/vegan meals
  • Nighttime entertainment
  • Organized carpools and group housing
  • An unforgettable experience

Fall Convergence 2013

The Fall 2013 Convergence happened on November 9th and 10th at Humboldt State University! Read about it here!

When can I attend?

Our next convergence will be taking place in April 2014. Announcements will begin to be posted for workshop proposals, registration, and scholarships in the early spring.

What kind of workshops can I expect?

All sorts of them! We strive for equal representation among the 3 E’s: Ecology, Economy, and Equity. Our convergences are grassroots-driven: our workshops are led by students and community members. Here are some examples of workshops that have been held in the past:

Body, Mind and Community – Bridging Sustainability and Consciousness

Communicating Sustainability

Sustainable Gastronomy

A World of Waste: Waste Diversion and Reduction in California and India.

GRID Alternatives: Solar for Social Justice

Using Cooperatives to Build a Solidarity Economy

Women & Design Matter

Impact Advocacy: Fair Trade on Campus

Ending Corporate Personhood & Creating Democracy in America

Integrating Mycology into the Landscape

Environmental Consciousness

Bicycle Learning Center

Micro-Hydro Power

The Living Building Collaborative


Moon Cycles: Understanding Female Fertility

Anti-Oppression for Environmental Activists

Sea Level Rise: Vulnerability and Resiliency on the Global and Local levels


Intro to Fossil Fuel Divestment

Building Strength within the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

Sustaining forestry economies

California: A New Front in the Tar Sands Fight

Earth Tub Composting Demonstration

RePowering Humboldt with Renewable Energy

Connecting sustainability with everyday concerns

Public Banks – Viable Communities

Divesting from fossil fuel education through solar education

Organizing community awareness of hazards and risks in the local environment

Media and Activism

FUN-draising 101

Increasing Inclusiveness & Building Bridges with Underrepresented Communities in the Environmental Movement

Welcome to CSSC 101

Transition Towns – Creating resilient communities

Earthen Plaster at CCAT

Become a DIVEST FILM FEST host

developing and maintaing urban gardens/eatable landscaping

Real Food Challenge – Change Your Campus Food System!

Debating Across Differences

A Stakeholder Approach to Resolving Disputes

Energy 101

Arcata Marsh Sanctuary Tour; sustainable wastewater treatment, and plants and animals of the marsh

GMOs Federal vs. Local Legislation

Fair? Trade

Creating Creatively

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