The Green Initiative Fund

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) is a grant-making fund for student led sustainability projects on campus. It is funded by a per semester student fee approved by the student body. Projects are selected for funding by an annually appointed Grant Making Committee consisting of students, faculty, and staff.

Get Involved

The Green Initiative Fund was first passed at UC Santa Barbara in 2006 and has since been passed on campuses across California.  We encourage you to bring TGIF to your campus.

Explore Resources

Below we’ve compiled a list of campuses who have passed TGIF or who are currently running TGIF along with links and resources to learn more about how to run the campaign.

Receive Advising

Below you’ll also find contact information for students who have run the campaign in the past and are happy to give advise to interested students.

Campuses Involved

Successful Campaigns

Current Campaigns

  • UC Riverside

For more information email: