Divestment Convergence

Responsible Investing Campaign


In Fall 2007, the Responsible Endowments Coalition (REC) hosted a UC-wide conference on Responsible Investing and inspired the collaborative initiative between the CSSC and REC to develop a campaign to address the University of California’s lack of endowment ethics. Montgomery Norton (UCI) and Margaret Lee (REC organizer) began the system wide initiative (UC Reponsible Investing Campaign) shortly after, bringing together campus leaders, alumni, and administrative powers to begin a dialogue on the subject. Specific UC campuses, including UCLA & UC Berkeley, developed internal initiatives concurrently. The initiatives hope to create an advisory committee on responsible investing to integrate techniques of best practice for the long term management of the social and environmental risks.

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History and Accomplishments

The UC RIC has had the honor to work with many leaders within the UC system and has made significant progress in developing the initiative.  Accomplishments include:

  • UC Investment Committee Proxy Voting Guideline Review (led by D’Artagnan Scorza with counsel from REC’s Morgan Simon)
  • UC Berkeley Foundation dialogues
  • UCLA Foundation dialogues