Spring 2015 Convergence Approaches

 by:Eva Malis

Towards the end of every semester, I find myself growing restless and excited to share and apply what I’ve learned. CSSC Convergence serves as a perfect outlet for this desire for growth, and I cannot believe its already that time of the year again! With Convergence only a few days away, students from all over California are preparing to share their ideas, network their causes, build their movement, and converge on a statewide platform of sustainability. CSSC’s biannual convergences provide the space for the future and current leaders of the sustainability movement to meet, unite, and organize! It is a time for students to share their projects, ideas, knowledge, and inspiration with one another.

The CSSC Spring 2015 Convergence will take place April 24th-April 26th at Loyola Marymount University. Our theme for this convergence is Strengthening Connections: Thriving Together. REGISTER HERE if you haven’t yet!

I got the chance to speak with some of the amazing organizers of this event, Kar Ashimyam and Karina Alvarez, who have been working hard all semester to pull together every detail and element that makes Convergence as special as it is. Here are a few of their perspectives.

What is your favorite part about convergence?

Kar: The community love. The students who have a shared passion for a greater outlook on life, the wholesome view. I feel(this is the keyword here, feel) good around these students, because they want everyone to feel good. There is a clear vision with the students who attend these events. We like to have fun, we like to learn, and we like to share.

What is the importance of convergence?

The fact that its all student run. Its not provided to us by any one institution or authority, its a collaboration of all who contribute to it. We make this event possible, every piece is put together by a core team of students who follow any particular system. Not to say we don’t have community, institutional, and faculty support – we very much do, we couldnt have gotten this far without LMU administration. But its open to everyone, businesses can get involved, faculty can get involved, leaders and followers alike can get involved. It shows you that we are human and we depend on eachothers support to build a wonderful world.

We also learn to ask the right questions. We learn the ways in which we each learn. We learn how to make it all work, as different as the system is from how we each may function. Most of all we learn that the word “sustainability” has a very large scope. It is not merely recycling and composting, although those are big parts of it. Looking out for each other is as a part of sustainability as caring for the environment. Both are really one.

What do you want to see this semester’s convergence accomplish?

Inspire students and community members to do what resonates with each of them on a very deep and connected level. Follow your hearts to respect this community of life we are a part of. We all have different functions in a single ecosystem, and when we come closer to this state of solidarity and unity of consciousness we work more efficiently and harmoniously with one another. We are able to thrive here.

What has your experience on the planning team been like? Why are you doing this work?

I am extremely happy to be a part of such an admirable team. Karina is one of the most hard working individuals I have worked with in a very long time. She has great organizational and facilitative skills, and she is very happy all the time. Shes a powerful motivator and, through this experience, she’s become a great friend. I feel great knowing she is a on the operating team of CSSC. An organization, a network, more like a group of friends who in the past few months have done nothing but ask us how we are feeling and how they can help and be more even more helpful. Being under so much support takes you in a utopia. You start to see all these challenges as opportunities to reach out to one another, collaborate and care.

I am here because I want to be a part of something big and meaningful. I have worked with many organizations in my life, nothing like CSSC.

What will be special about this Spring 2015 convergence?

Its in LA.,Southern Californias most densely populated city. There is a lot of potential here for improvement. Living in LA gives you a good understanding of the diversity of global views. There is so much happening here that you really have to choose what you occupy your time with. Its great that people here have taken an interest on sustaining and taking care of the environment. And we would like to expand their ways of thinking towards global issues.

What are some topics that this convergence will cover?

It will give some global perspective to our society. It will offer opportunities to collaborate with students nationwide. We have gone above and beyond what we knew was possible with our city. We can only offer our fellow students the most supportive experience of their Earth Week(end) for 2015.

CSSC will be providing inspiring keynote speakers, workshops, caucuses, speaker panels, entertainment, two nights of housing, five delicious local meals, and an opportunity to network with students and professionals from across the state. The theme Strengthening Connections: Thriving Together, aims to “ensure we collectively thrive and adapt to a changing planet”. You can expect to participate in inspiring dialogue on critical issues, to cultivate vital connections with others who share your passion, and to have lots and lots of fun! You can check out the program here! Also, be sure to keep scrolling for Twenty Reasons to attend Convergence!

See you soon at LMU!



1 Registering is easy. FOLLOW THIS LINK!

2 You get free delicious vegetarian/vegan meals while you are there

3 While at Convergence you will learn from many others

4 After the weekend you will be motivated and empowered to pursue sustainable actions on your campus

5 Convergence allows you to grow from exposure to diverse perspectives

6 You’ll meet people from all over the state with different backgrounds and stories

7 LMU is a beautiful campus

8 Discover the environmental movement in a statewide perspective

9 Amazing speakers and panelists!

10 You get to meet leaders in the statewide environmental movement!

11 There will be a showing of “The Future of Energy” and “Cowspiracy” including a Q & A with the Director

12 Prepare for delight as you read the full schedule of the weekend

13 This event has been put together by inspiring and dedicated students just like you!

14 I’ll be there!

15 You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a giant spiral hug.

16 You will become a sustainabilibuddy!

17 You can’t miss the live entertainment of the open mic!

18 The friendliest people you’ll ever meet will be at Convergence

19 Enjoy the theme of Strengthening Connections: Thriving Together

20(a) You’ve read all the reasons to go and want to go to your first Convergence!

20(b) You’ve already been to a Convergence and can think of at least 20 more reasons to go!

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