Students for Energy Justice

SEJ: Students for Energy Justice

CSSC works alongside our coalition partners in resisting local and regional investment and development of hydraulic fracturing and fossil fuel import/export infrastructure. To do so, CSSC focuses on helping support communities to ban fracking at the local and county level (e.g. Santa Barbara, Alameda, San Benito, Mendocino, and Butte counties), researching and disseminating information, and working with local communities in resisting infrastructure.

The following are the 4 areas of focus of SEJ:

  1. Research, Education, and Dissemination. Students harness their campus resources to bolster local campaigns with appropriate research that clearly outlines the impacts of extreme energy extraction on communities and the environment. This component aims to develop student research skills, improve the campaign voice with up to date scientific conclusions, and connect student activists with career researchers.

  2. Legislative Engagement. Students engage with their local and state representatives on the issue and will seek to obtain their support for and/or the creation of legislation that curtails hydraulic fracturing at the local, county or state level.

  3. Solidarity and Resistance Organizing. CSSC sent California students to Utah to engage in a week-long training camp for solidarity organizing. Students will come back to California and apply that training to organizing with frontline communities in resisting fracking infrastructure.

  4. Statewide Reform and Targeted Campaigning. Students will also focus on targeting Jerry Brown to apply pressure to his public image and get him to stop supporting fracking in California.

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Our Partners
Cal State Bakersfield SAF
Cal Poly SAF
Chico State SAF
Butte College SAF
UC Northridge SAF                                                                                                                                                                                                                       USC SAF in affiliation with the Environmental Affairs Organization.
Ventura College SAF

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