Submit a Workshop Proposal for the Spring 2012 Convergence!

We invite you to help us build a resoNATION!

We each come to this convergence finding our individual places within the movement and how they connect and resonate together. We want to put this cohesion into action to build and create social, political, economic and personal change. Our goal is to integrate tangible actions within the workshops and/or give attendees something they can physically do when they leave on Sunday that will help build a resoNATION on their campuses and in their communities.

In preparing your workshop, we ask you to think about what you are going to do to fine tune the group’s collective resoNATION. Each workshop is a mini sphere of resonance and should contribute to the overarching resoNATION that our convergence will build. Once we all reach the same frequency, we can more effectively move forward into a sustainable future.

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Fall 2011 Convergence. Photo by Daysi Garcia.

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  1. Wow, time flies! Is it too late to submit a workshop proposal for this year’s convergence? I was hoping to lead one on “Sustainability and Intersecting Movements: Social Justice, Gender Equity, and Spirituality”. If it is too late, it’s all good though! I know how important deadlines are for organizing yo. chara -dot- notself -at-

  2. Hi I am interested in being a speaker in this years spring convergence! At CSU Chico we have a unique compost display area and student garden run by student volunteers. I would like to speak about composting and how you can do it in your own backyard and the benefits that come from it.

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