Reducing California Higher Education’s Support of and Dependency on Coal

Reducing California Higher Education's Support of and Dependency on Coal

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For me, a San Francisco Bay Area local, social and environmental advocacy is deeply personal. I have a strong sense of place shaped by my region’s majestic setting before California’s interior waterways and the vast Pacific Ocean. Raised in a working class, immigrant Bengali family, I developed a checkered identity and a knack to challenge dominant narratives of our world and society at an early age. My thirst for equity and justice came of age when I entered higher education and was introduced to its inspiring communities of organizers, their tireless work, and of others around the greater Bay Area. An advocate of many trades, I campaigned for fossil fuel divestment in the halls of San Francisco State University, and I marched to bring awareness to climate and environmental justice issues in my ancestral South Asia, and along the refinery corridor of the Northeast San Francisco Bay, where my hometown of Benicia, CA resides. A storyteller at heart, I have written for the Earth Island Journal, and have performed writing, communications, and social media outreach roles for Sacred Fire Foundation, Turtle Island Restoration Network, Bioneers, and Save The Bay.  

School: San Francisco State University, 2014; Humboldt State University (expected graduation 2019)
Past roles with CSSC: 2014 Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence Organizer
Major: B.A. Environmental Studies (Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice); M.A. Candidate, Environment and Community
Hometown: Benicia, CA

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