Upcoming Regional Powershift Convergences

Hello Friends!

For years, students across California have been at the frontlines of the movement for building a clean and just future. Just within the past year, our campus communities have led efforts to divest our institution’s endowments from the fossil fuel industry; to defend our communities from fracking; and to reduce the disproportionate impact of climate change on marginalized communities.

Now with the movement for climate justice rapidly growing across the nation, we are excited to announce that thousands of students and community members will converge on October 18th for Power Shift in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Are you ready to experience the power of youth organizing for climate justice? Come join us on Saturday, September 7th, at 10am for our regional convergences to build momentum for local organizing and campaigns before we all come together in October at Power Shift 2013.

RSVP for a Regional Convergence to get plugged into local organizing in the lead-up to Power Shift 2013!

NorCal address: UC Berkeley, 112 Hillgard Hall (northwest end)

SoCal address: UCLA, 2412 Ackerman Union

Then, in less than 43 days, 10,000 of us will converge in Pittsburgh to develop and launch regional and national campaigns that will advance our vision of a clean, just and sustainable future. We will learn from each other and ultimately build lasting networks that will continue to shape our careers as activists, community leaders, and entrepreneurs.

The momentum is building! Can you feel it?

With passion,

Your CSSC and 350.org Powershift 2013 team

For questions about NorCal convergence contact Roberta Giordano at giordanorobie@berkeley.edu

For questions about SoCal convergence contact Emily Williams at emily@sustainabilitycoalition.org

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