Welcome to the CSSC Board of Directors Jaime Gonzalez!

Change can be exciting. Change is especially exciting when it brings wonderful and empowered people into CSSC Leadership Roles. CSSC welcomes Jaime Gonzalez as a new member to the Board of Directors!

Jaime was first introduced to CSSC when he saw an announcement for the 2014 Fall Convergence.  As the President of Students for a Sustainable Future at Consumnes River College (SSF CRC), he spearheaded the action of the group to become an official CSSC chapter by the time of the then upcoming convergence. They received their chapter status two weeks before the convergence and attended with the full force of open hearts and open minds.

Before and during his work with CSSC, Jaime has gifted much of his time to the sustainability movement. As President of SSF CRC, Jaime worked as an organizer on the Take Back the Tap initiative as well as Seize the Grid. The club as a whole also worked on a variety of sustainability campaigns mostly focused on waste reduction and energy use. Outside of the club, Jaime also organizes with 350 Sacramento on the Stop Oil Trains campaign, which hits a special chord with him as his family has lived in a home situated 100 feet from tracks that carry oil for most of his life. He’s also supported the work of Restore the Delta and participates in miscellaneous solidarity actions. Most recently he participated in the January 26th Sacramento Right 2 Rest Protest of City Hall, calling on city officials to repeal unconstitutional anti-homeless ordinances. Jaime says that CSSC helps him feel supported in his work:

“I think when you do this kinds of work – environmental justice work – it’s easy to feel isolated when you’re not surrounded by people doing this kind of work. When I attended my first convergence, I found this new community and a constant sense of support which kept me around and made me want to be involved.”

Jaime continued to become more and more involved in CSSC, especially in organizational development. Using his perspective as a community college student, Jaime focused on ways to help further open opportunities for junior colleges and community colleges to work with and be a part of CSSC. His continual volunteer support and involvement led way to the natural progression of joining the Board.

As a Board member, Jaime plans to continue representing the needs and interests of community colleges and junior colleges. He feels that much of CSSC is tailored to four year institutions even though many of our active members are from community college campuses. As CSSC is currently moving through a restructuring process, he is hoping to use the organization’s transitional phase as an opportunity to strengthen this aspect of CSSC.

“It is scary and exciting, but I am glad that I am here to help be a part of that change. I have a real passion for organizational development and the board lets me see the organization at a macro level.”

Jaime also hopes to continue working on CSSC merchandising and branding. Though all of these efforts are inherently challenges, Jaime sees his biggest challenge as being a full-time student while working and being on the board – juggling it all is hard.

After finishing his education, Jaime hopes to work for an international environmental or social justice non-profit.  Taking lessons from what he’s learned at his time with CSSC to better our world. However, we won’t have to say goodbye to Jaime too soon, and he sounds like he’s happy to spend more time with us:

“[CSSCrs] are the warmest and most welcoming, brilliant-minded group of people I have ever had the pleasure to live with, work with, and be friends with. It feels like a big family when we get together for convergences and retreats.”

Thanks Jaime! We’re glad you’re with us and excited to see what you bring to the Board.

Posted in California Student Sustainability Coalition Magazine.